• Yes it should.

    I do think that the Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed permanently by the end of 2014 because there are just too many problems there. It is far enough away from the mainland of the United States and so it is really hard to know what is going on there.

  • Yes, close Gitmo down.

    I think guantanamo bay has been mostly pointless and unfair by the United States. If we are going to have a prison for war prisoners, at least make it on US soil so another country doesn't have to deal with our garbage. The entire thing made absolutely no sense, and it's time to close.

  • Why would we?

    We are putting dangerous terrorists in prison, why would you close it? It is not an improvement to move them to America. These people are cruel, heartless lunatics who would kill you without a second thought. You are nothing to them. Why give that awful person a nice prison cell? And so what if we interrogate them using rough tactics, Islamic terrorists are the greatest threat to freedom as of right now. While that may change, right now we must do everything in our power to stop them. Us closing Guantanamo Bay will be a propaganda thing for them. And that is something we can't allow

  • Guantanamo Bay Prison is for people who deserve to be there

    The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay deserve to be there they have had crimes that were brought against and should serve their time. There has been some news out there about some of the treatment to prisoners which is not right. But to shut the prison down completely would not be a good idea.

  • No, Guantanamo Bay prison should not be permanently closed by the end of 2014.

    No, Guantanamo Bay prison should not be permanently closed by the end of 2014, because there is still to many unknowns about how to do it. So many people went with Obama and his plan to shut down Guantanamo Bay prison, but none of them looked at the logistical aspect of how is can be done. That is why it is still open 5 yeas into Obama's presidency. Guantanamo Bay prison will not be shut down these year, or in the coming years. There is to much to figure out and not enough time and money to do it.

  • It is effective.

    No, the Guantanamo Bay prison should not be closed permanently by the end of 2014, because it is an effective holding place for war criminals. Until the Taliban surrenders and has been completely interrupted, the United States should hold these criminals as incentives for the Taliban to agree to surrender completely.

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