Should the Guantanamo prison be closed by United States authorities?

  • Yes, it is a cruel place.

    President Obama had promised to close this prison during his campaign but nothing has been done yet. All reports are that these people have been detained for too long without being tried and that cruel and inhuman treatment occurs there, at least from time to time. It is time to let this place go.

  • Outlived Its Usefulness Years Ago

    The Guantanamo Bay prison outlived its usefulness after the war on terror ceased to be a problem in the mid-2000s. The only reason that prison still exists is to illegally detain terror suspects who should be given a trial and then sent to a normal prison in the United States. If the men imprisoned there are convicted, they should spend life in prison without parole and without visitors at a secure location apart from other prisoners. It's probably cheaper to put them in a normal prison system than to keep the Gitmo prison active. Those troops in Cuba have better things to do than play watchdog over a bunch of terror suspects.

  • No, no, and no

    First off lets just say this "living hell" is there for a reason. This prison is what helped lead to the ultimate capture of UBL one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world. How else are you gonna extract info from the enemies? "Oh so you wont tell me where he is or anything else? That's cool we will come back tomorrow but while we are waiting you can use the message room. Infinity pool, and take a nap on the state of the art mattress." Please explain to me how you would change this prison to extract useful information from the enemies. Also, President Obama has made many promises that have not come true, did you really expect this one to come true?

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