Should the Gunslinger in Team Fortress 2 be nerfed/removed?

Asked by: WhalesWithWings
  • It has to be nerfed

    The gunslinger does a crit hit on your third melee, Making it a little over powered. The mini sentry makes me so pissed off when I try to sapper it, Valve should replace the mini sentry with a regular sentry gun to make the game a bit more easy, But keep the blinky light

  • Needs to be heavily nerfed, or removed

    I cannot even explain how much hatred i have for this cute looking piece of ****, first off. The mini sentry COMPLETELY DESTROYS any game of King Of The Hill or Doomsday. The range is insane and it covers most (if not all) of the point/rocket. It only costs 100 metal, which means an engineer could create 2 without picking up an ammo pack. The damage output is overpowered, and shuts down basically everything in a matter of seconds. Used with the wrangler, this thing becomes something that nothing can destroy. The Wrangler boosts its fire rate and health so much it might as well be a level 2 sentry that costs you only 100 metal. (and builds in way less time) Mini sentries completely ruin any server that they are present in and ruins the fun for the players on the other team. The knockback on it is also quite infuriating, as i find my self being hit into the skybox while rocket jumping after being hit by only a few shots. The gunslinger also adds 25 max health onto the engineer, which doesnt seem like much, but it really shows in game. The added health just makes this thing more overpowered, annoying, and just plain stupid.

  • The gunslinger is simply different

    The gunslinger isn't OP. I've destroyed them in 1 hit from the direct hit. If an entire team can't destroy it, then something's wrong with your team. A level 1 sentry has more health and DPS than a mini-sentry, so 30 extra metal is enough to give you a straight upgrade to the mini-sentry except for the smaller hitbox, which mainly affects weapons with spread (like a shotgun)

  • Gunslinger is actually not that good

    The reason why normal sentries aren't good is because newer engineer players spend too much time upgrading them. For 25 more metal you get a sentry that has much more health, can be healed, and upgraded. If you can't deal with a gunslinger, you need to gitgud. And complaining about the wrangler really does not make sense because humans don't have perfect reaction times like the sentry does so the boost is necessary. Also the Wrangler only boosts health. And plus you can only build one sentry at a time so by the time the normal sentry is destroyed, the engy should have another 125 metal to build the next one. All sentries have knockback and all sentries get absolutely destroyed by a demo man, a soldier, or even a pyro.

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