• H-1B Visa Program Hurts American Workers

    The H-1B visa program should be eliminated due to the number of people seeking jobs in America. The program allows for the temporary employment of foreign workers; however, many Americans are seeking jobs but not securing them. In order to help struggling Americans, the H-1B visa program should be ended.

  • The H-1B visa program should be scrapped

    The H-1B visa program should be done away with given that it allows foreign workers to take jobs that American citizens could otherwise obtain. It's also a danger if these foreign workers aren't given proper background checks and allows them to do things that could work against national security. The argument is valid given that the U.S. has a 5.5 percent unemployment rate and there have been several shootings from those associated with terrorist organizations.

  • The talent is there

    Why deny companies that are still willing to staff offices and facilities in the United States access to the talent and skill that is available in other countries? Even if some jobs are filled by foreign workers, odds are there aren't enough Americans trained for that position - our science, math and engineering education programs are far behind other developed nations.

  • The program should note be scrapped, but it should be better regulated.

    The problem with the H-1B program isn't the intent behind the law. However, numerous companies are skirting around the spirit of the law by creating prerequisites that are impossible to obtain. For example, a position that states an applicant must have 5 years of experience with a computer product that only came out 3 years ago. Since now there are technically no "qualified" Americans, companies can hire foreign workers for cheaper. This and similar loopholes must be eliminated.

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