• Yes, the Hague court should charge CEOs for environmental destruction.

    Yes, the Hague court should charge CEOs for environmental destruction. If the corporation is given a chance to create a plan and correct what they've done wrong and they don't, they should be held accountable in some way. If the violation is egregious, like releasing a cancer causing agent into the water supply, prosecution should happen immediately.

  • Hague courts should charge CEO's for environmental destruction.

    As a global society, we are very aware of how our actions are destroying the earth. CEO's have an obligation to make sure that their company is operating in a manner that is efficient and healthy for the environment. With all of the knowledge, support and resources available now to be more environmentally friendly, if a company refuses to change their operations, the CEO should be held accountable for their actions.

  • The Hague should charge CEOs for environmental destruction

    CEOs are ultimately responsible for the environmental destruction caused by their companies. In the interest of justice, the international Hague court in Europe should charge CEOs that cause environmental destruction. The Earth belongs to all of us, and companies should not be allowed to profit at the expense of the planet's health.

  • Yes, CEOs as well as political leaders have to be sued for not doing the right thing regarding environment protection

    Chasing communities off their land and trashing the environment has become an accepted way of doing business in many resource-rich yet cash-poor countries. And it is not acceptable. The company named Total has made a huge amount of profit in digging and trashing lands in order to find oil in poor countries. As criminal war, leaders in doing so, need a penal punishment.

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