Should the Halo franchise continue or should Bungie stop making it?

Asked by: nfm71199
  • Its a great story

    One of the most popular video game franchises ever Halo has come though the Ranks with some Popular games like Halo 4 and Halo Reach, and now with Halo 5 coming out they should reality start coming out with ideas and new never before seen enemies and more on the start that you can completely customize the Characters like never before.

  • 343 isn't capable.

    After playing all the halo games including Halo Wars I'm more than convinced that 343 has no intention of keeping the story intact. Halo 4's story was a complete divergence from the theme established in the first three games, and felt like a cram of the newer aspects of the first person shooter genre. The story was rushed so that an ending could be declared to leave room for Halo 5. They destroyed forerunner lore by making them just another enemy, something that is completely out of character for the series. 343 more than likely did all the things mentioned for money, which they made a lot of. The chances that I'll purchase Halo 5 are slim to none. Buying another poorly designed console by Microsoft, who makes computers nonetheless, just to have an Xbox title exclusive is a waste of money. They should have just let Master Chief, and maybe Cortana die at the end of 3. Would have been better than this.

  • Bungle already did stop, lol.

    343 makes the new ones. They gave some cool new editions, but didn't have as much humor and the aliens looked way different than they used to, which are some changes that I somewhat dislike. Bungle will be working on Destiny though, which sounds really fun. Four more words needed.

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ararmer1919 says2014-05-13T15:32:02.460
Bungie doesn't make Halo any more. Now it's 343 Industries.