Should the Harry Potter Franchise be made into a Broadway Musical?

Asked by: SomeSmartStuff
  • Yess please do it

    It'll be so funny to see harry potter characters dancing up the hallways and snape singing a song about how he dislikes gryffindors. Oh, and VOLDEMORT!!!!!!!!! VOLDERMORT SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! Please, J.K Rowling, please reccomend this to broadway!!!!!!!!!! I would love it so much!!!!!!!!!!! I love musicals. (Except Into the Woods. That was horrible. Don't even talk to me about that one.)

  • The different creations it can bring out!

    Harry Potter was a book series, then it turned into a franchise as the movies were made. When this happened Harry Potter stepped up into a new level! The movie brought out the spectacular images and creative visuals you could never see by just reading. Just imagine it now as a Broadway Musical! How beautiful and amazing could the songs be? The Props, the acting, the dancing will all be just spectacular! Harry Potter will be taking a brand new, wonderful step to glory in expressing it in a new language of music!

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