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  • Matter of Free Speech

    I do not believe the Harry's Place blog should be condemned for its position on Zionism. People should maintain the right to speak out as they see fit. If their views are unpopular that should simply mean less people will view and read those articles. We shouldn't restrict what is published in blogs, because doing so restricts free speech.

  • Freedom of Speech Prevents Condemnation

    From what I understand Harry's Place blog is known for stirring up controversy. Whether you agree with all of the views expressed, you must admit that giving the general public a forum to discuss issues and provoke thought is the most important thing. Also, I believe that opinions are never wrong. We should be able to agree and disagree civilly without fear of condemnation.

  • Blog's are free speech.

    The Harry's Place blog has certain views on zionism. These views are not hostile in nature. These views take into account many factors and actions that motivated the Zionist movement. These factors may not be accepted by the mainstream. That does not mean the ideas should be supressed. They should be studied and addressed. Sweeping oppression is the problem that the Jews had. Using the same tactic on critics of Zionism is just reversing the same behavior. Its just as wrong.

  • No, the Harry's Place blog should not be banned due to its opinion.

    I do not believe that the Harry's Place blog should be condemned just because of its positions on Zionism. I think that a blog is a place where a difference of opinion should have the right to be talked about regardless of other people do not like it or have problems with it.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that they need to be thought bad upon just because of the opinion that they had on this one issue. I think that every person in this world has the right to think what ever they want, and that it is a thing that doesnt matter.

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