Should the health care reform bill have been approved by the House and the Senate?

  • The biggest problem with the health care bill is that it does not go far enough, so it should be looked at by both Houses.

    The bill, as it stands, does not mandate health care for all, as soon as possible, which is the desired goal for a civilized and economically strong nation. The marginal bill that was approved is a start, and that is good. It needs to have the public option, and include everybody, to really improve the system.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • Yes, because health care is a mess, and this reform will help.

    We have one of the worst health care systems in the civilized world. This reform is aimed to fix that problem. Take the power away from the insurance companies and pill companies, and treat the sick at a fair and reasonable price. By passing this bill, we will be able to help people that can not help themselves.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung
  • The strength of a nation is also measured by the health of its people.

    To be a leader in today's global economy, the United States needs a strong and healthy work force. Health care, such as regular checkups, screening, and treating illness and injuries, is required to keep everyone at the top of their potential. This should not just be an exclusive benefit of the wealthy.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • The health care plan's passage in the house and senate was correct, because health care is a modern human right.

    The Declaration of Independence states that everyone is allowed to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Health care is obviously necessary for life, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe it to be a basic human right to have the right to be healthy. To deny this in a post-industrial society is not morally correct.

    Posted by: P0nyTobi
  • I believe that the health care reform bill is what is best for America, because each day people have to make choices between recieving health care and paying for basic needs.

    I have read multiple studies that have found that the number one reason for house foreclosure is the cost of a major illness. It is incomprehensible that families in the United States that are facing a life threatening illness must also struggle to make ends meet. Beyond that, there are the daily costs of health care that force families that are struggling to make difficult choices. No one should ever have to pick between taking life saving medication and paying for an electricity bill. I fully believe that the health care reform bill will begin to alleviate these issues.

    Posted by: F4irHannah
  • Even though it is not perfect, it is about time this nation got some sort of health care reform.

    The present bill is far from perfect and fails to establish a govt. option or eliminate the insurance middle man, but it is at least a step in the right direction. I truly believe we needed this Pres. (whose mom died fighting for the right to healthcare) and this Congress, led by fighter Pelosi, to get the bill passed. Now we can work on fixing the flaws, but at least the door has been opened and those who wanted healthcare have got a foot in!

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • It does nothing to help lower the cost of medical care.

    Not to mention that it puts a burden on those who cannot afford health insurance. Not only do they not get health care they have to pay a penalty because they can not afford it. Requiring all health insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions does nothing to make insurance for those individuals affordable. In order to raise revenues for this "reform" you institute taxes on the medical/healthcare/insurance community to pay for it? That they in turn pass along to consumers in higher costs of care.

    Just this last year I helped someone with some financial planning. Among the topics we discussed was health care. Their employer provided health care plan would cost them 5% more than their current gross pay per month. If they accepted the employer provided health plan they would loose a few dollars per hour (they received some type of hourly compensation for not having the health care plan) and pay out more than they made in a month for health care. Which of course isn't feasible. I was floored, especially since they made more than double the minimum wage. Looking at alternatives was no help because of pre-existing conditions. Just after they received notification that the cost of employer provided health insurance plan premiums would be increased a 10%, if they were interested in purchasing it; they found a new job. It pays less, but at least it has heath care they can afford. How many others aren't so lucky?

    Please let us focus on fixing the problem with out just trying to put a band aid on it. Especially when that band aid does nothing but make things worse. I don't know what the solution is, but there has to be a better one than this.

  • I do not think the bill should have been passed, for people with pre-existing conditions, it's hard enough to find an insurance company that will accept them, then the price is outrageous when they do.

    I have a history of seizures, and have not been able to find anyone that will give me TRUE insurance, not to mention most of us in the U.S. aren't making good enough money anymore to be able to afford another expense anyway.

  • I oppose the approval of the health care reform bill, because the American economy cannot handle the debt that it entails.

    Although the health care reform bill means well, the process by which it brings about change is hurtful to the economy. The amount of money that it will require in order to begin working is abominable and unnecessary, given the hard economic times. The bill should not be passed until the economy is on much better footing.

    Posted by: PrettyVince50
  • Should the health care reform bill have been approved by the House and the Senate?

    What about those that don't have jobs or cant afford the insurance. If it does pass they better make it so everyone can afford it, in this day and age there is jobs but no one is hiring like they used to so many are without jobs.

  • The health care reform bill should not have been approved by the House and the Senate, because it is an unfair bill.

    If there is a bill that is requiring people to be a part of it, then it should make everyone part of it. This includes government workers and unions. Obviously, this bill has really bad things in it, since the people who actually passed it do not want anything to do with it for themselves.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • The health care reform bill does not go far enough, and a better bill should have been approved by the House and Senate.

    Health care in the United States is obviously a broken system. We spend much more per capita and have worse health outcomes than other first-world nations. While the health care reform bill is a step in the right direction, it is only a tiny step, and the House and Senate should have put forward and passed a much better bill. The current bill makes some improvements to health insurance, while massively subsidizing health insurance companies. A better step would have been to eliminate health insurance companies, and put in a single-payer nationalized health care system, such as Canada or the UK currently enjoy.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • I think the health care reform bill should not have been approved because of the undue hardships it causes to small business owners.

    I think that the health care reform bill should not have been passed because it causes much more work for small businesses who have to complete extensive paperwork for their employees. I also believe that nationalized health care reduces the quality of health care in general because of the lack of health care professionals in the field. People would experience a long wait to receive medical care.

    Posted by: w00dwitch
  • I do not believe that the health care reform bill should have been passed by Congress because it is much too complex an issue to have been rushed through Congress as it was.

    I disagree with the passage of the health care reform bill as it was done. I believe that it was rushed through Congress and many members did not realize the complexity of the bill. As passed, this bill is going to cost the taxpayers in the long run. It is inevitable that people who can afford good healthcare insurance and are on Medicare will end up paying more so that everyone can be covered.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I do not believe that the health care reform bill should have been passed because I feel it does not do enough to help those in need.

    The bill as passed requires even low income people to purchase health insurance or pay a fine. However, it does not allow for a government funded health insurance program, called a public option. In its current form, the bill requires people to subsidize health insurance companies, which bear much of the responsibility for the rise in health care costs over the past few decades. Congress should have rejected the bill and held out for a version that was better-designed and that would have actually helped people in need.

    Posted by: NoIanP4P3r
  • The Health Care Reform Bill should not have been passed by the House and Senate because it is unconstitutional. The government should not be able to tell private citizens that they have to buy something.

    I do not believe the Health Care Reform Bill should have been passed by the House and Senate because it is unconstitutional and the government should not be able to make its citizens purchase anything. It will lead to rationing and we can't afford it. We have the greatest health care in the world, but it will get a lot worse with this bill.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii

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