Should the Health Services Union expand despite its affair regarding expenses of government officials?

  • They Have Right To Expand

    They have the right to expand, but all the crooked officials and employees need to tbe shown the door first. Clean house, get a new management team, and then expand. That needs to happen first. Once that has happened, they have the right to expand as far as they see fit.

  • Even One Bushel Of Bad Apples...

    I am not Australian - but my understanding of the situation is that top officials of the Union have been accused of using union funds for personal reasons including (gasp) escorts. However corrupt these particular men may have been, this does not discredit the work of the entire Union. There are corrupt and evil men (and women) who will take advantage of any position of power they are able to attain - this happens in every government, every union, every company in the world. The Union needs to clean house, and then yes, if they provide value they should expand on that value.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I think that they need to go on ahead and expand a lot more even though that had the big affair. I think that they do a lot of good and it would be a good thing for them to expand to a lot bigger things than is now.

  • They have no trust.

    No, the Health Services Union should not expand despite its affair regarding the expenses of government officials, because only one person was prosecuted so far. There are many more people responsible for the excessive spending. Until they are all held accountable and kicked out, the Health Services Union does not have the confidence of the people.

  • No, the Health Services Union should not expand considering the controversy concerning some government officials.

    I think that organizations like the Health Services Union do not serve the best interests for the public. That's why I don't think they should expand their organization. And considering the scandals going on with the expenses among some of the government officials, it isn't a good idea since their public image isn't that great.

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