Should the heritable nature of IQ mean that children of highly intelligent parents should be given higher-quality educations?

  • Need to nurture

    An OECD paper on education noted that American education lags the civilized world in tests largely due to the neglect of the gifted students; most of American education funding is spent on the under achieving portion of the spectrum, with under %3 of the programming funding going to gifted programs.

  • Higher IQs Mean More Money

    People who have higher IQs usually earn more money. As such, children of highly intelligent people should get better educations than most people. When someone gets a better education, they are smarter and earn more money. Intelligence should be passed on from one generation to the next simply because smarter people should pass on those social traits.

  • It means quite the opposite

    What we want is an intelligent culture, An intelligent populace, Not a few ubermenschen. This means we want the very intelligent, Very moral, Very capable people interacting with and building society alongside the less gifted. We want good cultural values to be universal. When we segregate the elites what we get is factioning, All kinds of corners and pockets for bad ideologies to take hold. This type of elitism is it's own undoing. Mixing all the cultures, All the perspectives, And all the capability levels is best.

    That said, Given that the world is segregated on all kinds of racial, Nationalistic, Ideological, And wealth-based lines, Is it important to identify and offer opportunities to intelligent children living in hopeless situations? Yes, Very, But this has nothing to do with assessing their parents' (possibly latent) intelligence. Again it's the opposite. Kids brought out of bad circumstances to join the rest of the world will not only bring a piece of their culture with them to help humanize the less gifted back home, But they will also be inclined to give back to their families and friends once successful. This is how we will spread a culture of secularism, Tolerance, Freedom, And fairness, And improve the lot of people everywhere (the only way).

  • IQ is only partially heritable

    Strongly heritable yes, but still only partially heritable. A child's individual skills, proclivities, and performance should be looked at and the more gifted given the opportunities to develop their abilities. Those who aren't as gifted of course still need a good quality education, but I'm saying those who are very gifted should have access to more advanced education.

  • Genetic inheritance of intelligence is not a straightforward matter.

    Two fairly intelligent phd educated parents here (as far as IQ can be used to define intelligence as I've met rather a few professors in my career who might border on the retarded in other capacities, the vast majority mathematicians...) and we have a low IQ child with learning disabilities. While I'd love my child to get access to the best quality of education possible, that is because I realise it may in some way compensate for her innate lack of academic ability and may open doors to greater financial security etc. So no, firstly I do not support the assumption at all that intelligent parents will have more intelligent children, it is a fairly weak statistical relationship with many exceptions . And secondly I think all children need help to reach the best of their potential and that need not be in an academic capacity. Also, it is important to note that the children of intelligent parents may often have a significant advantage already as their parents can often afford excellent schools, help them with their homework, and they also teach their children a better work ethic and how to speak and act like intellectuals, when in fact they are not particularly different from the average.

  • There are no guarantees

    There are no guarantees that the children of highly intelligent parents will completely share hereditary mental traits. The only way to really determine a child's intelligence is putting them through the same education as other children and figuring out from there what they are actually capable of and what they are not capable of.

  • No, it shouldn't be based on parents.

    Kids with higher IQs need to have special treatment to ensure that they get education that challenges them and pushes them to their full potential. However, this extra treatment should not be based on the IQs of parents. Instead, kids should be treated depending on their own individual performance in the classroom.

  • Parents cant give everything

    No, someone who may not have came from parents with a high IQ can still be smart, and even if they are not all that book smart, with a good solid work ethic they can out work the naturally smart people, and be better at a high quality job position.

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