Should the Higgs theory be renamed to acknowledge the work of others involved?

  • Acknowledge all scientists!

    In the world of science, one person will often get all of the credit, when in actuality, the work done was the result of many individuals' contributions. It is time that we move to change that. This doesn't mean taking recognition away from those who are already known, it just means giving those who have been ignored their fair share of the spotlight.

  • Yes the Higgs theory should be renamed to include others

    Yes, I think that the Higgs theory should be updated with more scientists who have vastly contributed to evolving the Higgs theory in the twenty-first century. Mr. Higgs did a great job of establishing a solid theory, but with so many other scientists working to advance his theory I thin they should also be included.

  • Leave the name alone.

    The other scientists involved in the work surrounding the Higgs Theory should most certainly be acknowledged, but changing the name isn't the way to do it. Higgs himself did not coin the term; it was another scientist who first referred to the mechanism as "Higgs-like", and it stuck. And lets face it, the Brout-Englert-Guralnik-Higgs-Kibble-Hagen Theory just doesn't have the same ring to it.

  • The Higgs theory does not need to be renamed.

    The name of a theory does not change the recognition of who actually contributed to the theory. While changing its name may raise awareness of other scientists to those who are not familiar with the theory, anyone who is familiar with it will have done enough research to know who is actually responsible for it.

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