Should the historical Black Panther named George Jackson have converted to religion as a chance to mend his wrongs?

  • The public eye

    Yes, George Jackson should of at least said that he had converted to a religion so that the public would think that he had changed, and would think he was a good man now. His crimes that he committed would soon be forgotten and the people would follow him again.

  • Yes, religion is about forgivness

    George Jackson should have turned to religion in order to mend his wrongs. I believe the things that he did were too awful for the general public to offer him forgiveness, and therefore he would've been discouraged. Turning to religion would have been his only hope of having the opportunity to redeem himself.

  • God always forgives.

    Yes, the historical Black Panther George Jackson should have converted to religion as a chance to mend his wrongs, because God can forgive all wrongs. Even one man on the cross next to Jesus was saved right before his death, by believing on Jesus Christ. Jackson should have asked for forgiveness for his actions and confessed to Christ.

  • No,George Jackson should not have converted to religion.

    No,George Jackson would have betrayed himself and his movement if he would have converted to religion as a chance to mend his wrongs.Organized religion was against everything he believed in and it would have negated all his hard work.He did what he felt like he had to do to advance his cause.

  • No He Shouldn't

    I do not believe it is right for people to adopt another religion to mend their wrongs, especially in the public eye. I believe George Jackson did as he pleased and supported ideas that he choose. Assuming that changing of religion would have somehow helped the situation seems absurd to me.

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