Should the history of masculinism and men's rights be taught in schools alongside feminism and other equal rights movements?

  • Yes it should.

    I think we should teach others about mens rights and just as much as we teach about women's rights and other races coming to get their rights as well. Just because the average white male had it easier in the early life does not mean it isn't important now to recognize that they could end up struggling like the rest of us.

  • Yes, nothing should be ignored in history.

    Men's rights should be taught as a movement -- as one dangerous to feminism and equal rights. Its existence shouldn't be denied, but it shouldn't be promoted, either. It is not something I agree with in the slightest but I don't believe in altering history to make things seem differently.

  • Masculinism and men's rights should be taught

    As it would end all sexist opinions. All genders would be represented equally and instead of taking men for granted and making the female rights more special and giving them full chapters. This fuels sexism and the resentment towards feminists, many of whom are fighting for equal rights instead of furthering female rights. The two genders MUST be treated equally in all aspects to fully eradicate all types.Of sexism to women and MEN

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  • Men's rights should be as important as women's rights!

    In school I was taught about many women suffering in the world. But, why not men's issues? Many stereotypes and expectations from society are placed upon women AND men. I've heard many things about feminism and how women are expected to do many things but if you asked someone on the street what masculism is, they probably wouldn't know. Men's rights are just as important as women's rights. Men are expected to be strong, never be hurt or cry, be fit and muscular, and have a higher income than their partner. Lots of pressure is put on men and they have to just suck it up or they'll be judged for being "weak." On the other hand, women are expected to clean, cook, be fit and slim, go through pregnancy and periods. Men also have problems not only women but, most feminists/feminazis say otherwise. When's the last time you've heard of a masculinist, compared to a feminist? Men are stereotyped to be sexist, racist, and rude all the time, this is one of the main reasons on why there aren't as many masculinists as feminists, because when men try to say something they are criticized for being "sexist" and are told to suck it all up. So, yes they should teach the history of masculism, if there is one. The word "masculism" is barely known by like half of our population and not many people know about men abuse. In some countries, men are forced to go to war, in others, men are abused in fact, most men are abused by their partners and can't say anything about it. And men CAN be raped too but, most don't say anything because most people wouldn't care. It's sad that we live in a society where we are judged for being who we are and many people say women's lives are worse than men's but why can't we just all recognize the fact that everyone is equal, everyone is abused. (This is all just my opinion, I don't mean to offend anyone.)

  • Far too many people are ignorant of men's problems, and it's time the world heard about them

    It's fascinating how the mass media promotes all things related to women's issues, from breast cancer research to rape victim hotlines. All of these things, undoubtedly, are well-meaning and should be promoted as they are.

    But why is it that men's issues are seldom, if ever, brought to our attention? And why are feminists seemingly hell-bent on silencing men's ability to bring their issues to light? Are we living in a matriarchy?

  • Yes, It's there isn't it?

    If you want equality, pander to all sides equally. Simple. Plus, it shouldn't matter if you agree with it. Altering history won't change what really happened. The holocaust was horrible, but we don't hide that. Many forms of media/entertainment today subtly depict man as stupid, selfish, and having their male genitalia taken advantage of ( kick in the balls) by girls. We don't want our children growing up thinking they're inferior because of their gender, do we?

  • No, because in teaching about women's rights, this is covered already.

    When schools teach about women's rights, such as getting the right to vote, it's already taught that men initially had this right before women did. Schools also teach, for example, that women were of status below black men, who got the right to vote before they did; and black women thus are on the lowest end of the rights spectrum. As children are taught about women getting more and more rights, they are at the same time taught about the rights men had prior, as a contrast.

  • It is already taught.

    Men are already the focus of history books and most things today - much like white people are the focus. This focus they already have is the reason you have feminism, black history month, and so on. To set aside more special focus on them would almost belittle the reasons behind the others being taught.

  • It's a false narrative.

    I think that this is a false narrative. It reminds me of people who say there should be a white history month since there is a black history month. The majority of history focuses on male achievements and minimalists those done by females. You don't need a male rights class.

  • Not a movement

    The reason why feminism and the history of the suffragettes is taught in history is because it was an actual movement and from a historical point of view has a lot of history behind it. There was never a men's rights movement because men have always had rights therefore they never needed one.
    They don't teach the history of feminism in school because they are necessarily trying to promote that idealogy, they teach it because it was and is an important part of history.

  • Other than speaking to the history of a movement, neither should be 'taught' in schools

    This kind of agenda driven garbage has to go. Teaching about the fight for equal rights, the fight for the vote, these things are milestones of our history. Teaching masculinism or feminism in school is a bad idea on either side.

    If, as time goes on, the MRM becomes part of our history, and is approached from that standpoint, then sure. For now...? Not so much.

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