• Yes, I think the homeless should be trageted by loiterling laws.

    Many of the loitering laws were written specifically to target the homeless in the community, I think they should be enforced and the homeless should respect the areas where it is forbidden to loiter, I think we need more programs and resources dedicated to helping the homeless get employment and shelter overall.

  • Yes, the homeless should be targeted by loitering laws

    There are places for homeless people to go to receive help to get back on there feet. If a city wants a healthy tourism industry, it is important to keep homeless people out of the eye of tourists to the city. Many cities set up camps, such as Seattle's Nickelvilles, where homeless people are all put in close proximity with minimal shelter. However, Seattle has a thriving tourism model.

  • Anti-Loitering laws are a direct hit to remove the people on the street who have nowhere else to go.

    Most people who loiter are there because it's their only chance to come in contact with spare change and food, Things people who can afford it leave behind. The loitering laws are discriminatory and surround the homeless with negative stereotypes that prevent them from mingling back into society or living safely on the street.

  • Who benefits from this “criminalization of poverty”?

    There are some activities so fundamental to human existence that it defies common sense that they might be treated as crimes. Falling asleep, standing still, and sitting down, are all necessary actions for any human being’s survival. While these activities are unquestionably legal when performed indoors, more and more communities across the country are treating these life-sustaining behaviors as criminal acts when performed in public places by people with nowhere else to go.

  • No, they should not.

    Don't people already think it is hard enough for homeless folks as it is right now? Why would you want to target them with loitering laws also? They are already dealing with the worst of all situations and are in dire straits, so to be treated badly on top of it is horrible.

  • Loitering laws are ineffective and discrimminatory

    Homeless people have no where to be and are without resources. Loitering laws are pointless and discriminatory. Loitering laws target the homeless for existing, for being visible. The fact of being homeless is no threat to public safety, it is only a threat to public sensibilities. If society finds homelessness so objectionable then society ought to target the cause of homelessness, often inadequate mental health.

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