Should The Hotel Be Held Responsible For The Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Video?

  • Yes the hotel should be held responsible

    Though the hotel is not entirely responsible for the The Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Video inciident , it could have very well avoided this incident by taking a more cautious approach. When a customer asks the hotel to be placed next to a woman it means he wants to do some harm to the lady

  • They should have been more careful

    The man who stalked Erin Andrews specifically asked to be put in a room right next to her. The hotel staff should have recognized the safety risk this might create. They should never have granted his request, and further, they should have alerted Andrews to the situation so that she would be aware of the man.

  • Hotel privacy should be expected

    Yes, the hotel should be held partially responsible for The Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Video. The creation and placement of the recording device was the responsibility of only one person. However, the hotel is responsible for insuring that reasonable precautions have been taken to stop this type of behavior. An individual staying in a hotel has the right to expect a certain amount of privacy and to believe that the hotel has made an effor to protect them from this type of crime.

  • The hotel should not be responsible

    If it was an employee with access then yes. If the hotel knew what the man was doing then yes. The hotel had no idea this was going to happen. The hotel had no part in putting the video on the internet. It does not appear her career has been hurt. If she has been emotionally hurt the judge should have sentenced the man to a longer term. If a bank customer robs a bank do you blame the robber or the bank.

  • The hotel should not be held responsible for the Erin Andrews peeping Tom video

    The hotel involved in the Erin Andrews peeping Tom video should not be held responsible for it unless it was aware of the actions of the criminal or video and disregarded it. No hotel should be responsible for the covert criminal acts of guests. In this case, it is nothing but a cash grab.

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