Should the Hotel that Erin Andrews was Staying at Be Held Accountable for the Stalker's Actions?

  • Yes, the hotel where Erin Andrews was stalked acted in a negligent fashion.

    Erin Andrews was filmed against her will while staying at hotel, and it is her claim that the hotel was also complicit in the action's of the, now convicted, peeping tom. If there is any possibility that the establishment gave away sensitive information to the perpetrator about the days Ms. Andrews would be visiting the hotel, that should be examined in court.

  • Yes, the hotel should be held accountable.

    Yes, the hotel should be held accountable because the hotel has an obligation to protect the privacy and security of its client. Although Erin Andrews is suing to the hotel for too much money, I believe that she should win the case because the hotel didn't do a good enough job of protecting a high profile celebrity like Erin Andrews.

  • Clarity and Accountability

    Are hotels staff not human beings? are they so apathetic that they do not care what happens in their premises? Sure they do not own the hotel but they have a moral and civic responsibility towards their guests. Why try to be freed from all guilt and accountability for wrongdoings performed to a guest?

  • No, public businesses are not responsible for individual's misconduct

    One of the first signs most businesses have up is: "The establishment is not responsible for the damage or disappearance your own belongings on our premises. You are responsible for your own property." This is for petty theft, how much more so for personal injury. Businesses are open for transactions for the most part, they cannot be overseers of their patrons' personal vices, criminal minds and actions, and intentional crimes. The hotel is not responsible nor has the manpower to actively surveillance every person that walks through its doors and prevent crime, especially a stealth, intentional, and clandestine one as stalking.

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