• One hour to learn basic computer coding

    This program teaches any person the basics of computer coding in just one hour. There are a plethora of possibilities that this program would unlock with education, employment, et cetera. This program would also be very useful for getting people who are not tech-savvy able to use a computer or other current technological gadget without many issues. It would also make it possible for more people to learn how to properly protect their cyber property and information as this would introduce them to the basics of cyber security as well.

  • Introduces people to a new way of thinking

    The big thing with coding is that we're problem solvers, figure out how things work, how they're used, how they're meant to be used and how things connect with one another. While an hour of code doesn't get into the messy details and might not make everybody a programmer, it teaches people that there's more than one way to solve a problem; not only that but gets them into the mindset of a programmer which can be very useful outside of coding. An Hour of Code can even be used to find potential coders and the program makes it fun to code rather than make it a chore which can draw people in, especially kids. Programmers are needed more and more each year but there aren't enough STEM students (seeing as it's not an easy field to stick to) so this would be an excellent idea to increase those numbers and better satisfy the demand for coders, also it wouldn't hurt to give people new skills to utilize.

  • Help Implement the Hour of Code

    Today's students need to know more that just how to turn on a computer and run a few programs. By implementing the Hour of Code program, students gain knowledge they would not ordinarily receive, and by providing them with this useful tool, the students become more aware of coding. This helps them understand that coding plays an active role in almost everything they do.

  • Implement Hour of Code!

    The Hour of Code program is a valuable education tool to improve technological understanding and knowledge in people of a variety of ages. This is valuable to American society, because it will increase the number of individuals with technological literacy. Additionally, it will increase the depth of technological knowledge in a wide variety of people.

  • No it should not

    I am in the 7th grade and my computer tools teacher wanted us to try it, so we did. The web site is terrible all of it is preset and the preset is not even actual code it just says stuff like move forward and the character on the screen moves forward. The "Hour of code" is not code at all.

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