Should the House consider the war on drugs to be an effective policy among free people?

  • The House should consider the war on drugs to be an effective policy among free people

    The war on drugs in an important tool to keep America safe. Drugs are harmful to families and society, and politicians should take a hard line against them. Drugs should not be allowed in society, or we will see a rise in all the social ills that come from drug use.

  • War on Drugs is hurting sick people

    This "war" is only making ppl suffer needlessly as now everyone is viewed as a "drug seeker," preventing proper diagnosis & treatment for many things. Break your leg? Throwing up uncontrollably? A host of things go undiagnosed & untreated as you're now suspected of breaking it/throwing up on purpose to obtain drugs! That's heakthcare? It's out of control, innocent ppl are being hurt while the street trade just gets bigger.

  • A huge problem

    No, this policy is not effective among free people. If you look at the nation today, the abuse of drugs is becoming a huge problem that we can not stop. Now, some drugs such as cannabis are even made legal in some places, so I would say we lost this war.

  • War on Drugs Wastes Judicial Time

    The war on drugs is not a good policy regarding the time and effort it takes to prosecute such cases in the court system. Legalizing more drugs can lead to more revenue as they can be taxed. If drugs are legal, they come down in price and there is less violence on the streets. For drugs that can't be legalized, other steps can be taken to lessen their effects instead of going to war on the black market. A stable job market and a better quality of life can go a long way to alleviating drug problems in the United States.

  • War is lost

    The War on Drugs is lost - there is no other way to put the issue. The House should not view the War on Drugs in any way other than negatively, since its ineffectual and a huge waste of money. Free people would not have blanket bans and rules against peronally used substances.

  • War on Drugs isn't Working

    Unfortunately, the War on Drugs isn't working in the United States and abroad. In fact, this "war" is only leading to more deaths among Americans and foreigners. The War on Drugs needs to shift strategies in order to be more successful. Otherwise, this war will only continue with more bloodshed.

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