Should the House have passed $50.5 billion in Sandy aid?

  • Yes. Disaster relief is a core function of government.

    Private companies that are concerned with profits are not going to step in and rebuild entire communities or provide relief to people who need it. Disaster relief is a job for government. We pay taxes so that, in an emergency, there can be a systematic response that includes aid to victims. It is like social insurance.

  • Yes, the House Should Have Approved $50.5 billion in Sandy aid

    Everyday there are people in the northeast of the United States who do not have homes anymore or are roughing it in low budget hotels for the time being. People complain about $50.5 billion being too much government spending, but it will do a lot of good and will barely even put a dent in the budget. Get out of these ridiculous wars in the Middle East if you're so worried about spending. A country as cash-strapped as the United States should not be policing the world.

  • Sorry but no

    First of all, my deepest sorrows go out the the victims, their families and their friends. Now on to the issue... The aid was just too expensive. Enough money could have been funded privately through corporations and individual donation. But long story short, America has a spending problem and we cannot afford this kind of donations.


    I know that most people who do these politics opinions are extreme liberals, people who fail to realize that the federal government has limited social and financial capacity. The government can NOT afford $50.5 billion in Sandy aid. It's amazing how narrow-minded and illogical some of the people on these opinions can be.

  • No.

    The government could not afford to approve that much money for aid in literal terms, and psychological terms. Many people don't understand just how close the United States was to defaulting on everything, and causing an even larger financial depression than we already are in. Those that claim 50.5 billion wouldn't put a dent in the budget don't understand economics at all.

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