Should the human race stop having children and go extinct?

Asked by: Dookieman
  • We are evil

    No one in their right mind would want our race to continue on after all the acts of terrorism, brutality and murder. Hell, the internet is filled with some of the most messed up videos you could ever imagine involving people beheading, torturing and killing others. Those videos are the biggest examples of why we're better off extinct. No one is truly genuine, and it doesn't take much to bring out that darkness from even the best of people.

  • We should continue on

    -We can't destroy the world, we can only destroy ourselves.
    -Earth will get destroyed anyway.
    -Who cares if we kill or extinct animals, it's part of nature, and we do try to save them, I want to save them, but we have to be rational, we can't save them all.
    -We can't kill all animals, that's impossible, the few that survive would form a new evolutionary tree.
    -Its part of nature to have advanced life like us on earth, next is to be space colonizers.
    -99.7% of species are extinct and there's still lots of animals now, I'm waiting for humans to kill that much, even if we did, life still lives on. Ever wonder how bacteria/microbes magically pops into existence?
    -We're warming up planet, but the dinosaur and earlier times were way warmer than today.
    -If global warming got really bad, humans would change.
    -Increase in green energy. Fusions soon going to power cities.
    -Just need national parks, plantations, and cities to have lots of trees and parks.

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