Should the hunting of deer, rabbits, squirrels , wild hogs, and other common animals for food be banned?

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  • I am kind of in the middle.

    I am a little in the middle of both yes and no but I would have to say yes for the country I live in just for the purpose of we tend to have more money to go around than other countries, here we have a chance at supermarkets, fresh food, good produce etc... We even have a chance to buy and grow almost any vegetable and fruit among other nutrient rich foods than other countries do, so I don't see a reason why people need to hunt when there is other things and other opportunities available. So yes I do think it should be banned or more strictly regulated for the areas that NEED to hunt to survive. I was at a no on this question because of the other countries that need hunting to survive also just for the reason that some people live in more harsher areas.

  • Yes, it should

    It should be banned for animals deserve as much of a right to live as us!!!
    If poachers believe they have aright to kill innocent animals then they need to rethink because animals have feelings as well and they should have as much right to live as us humans !

  • Many of these animals have no "natural" predators.

    I live in the State of Missouri. Here, the only predatory animals we see are quite south of us, and their numbers couldn't possibly reach a point in keeping the deer population regulated and at Bay. Humans (unfortunately) have taken it upon themselves to rid most of our state of many of the wild predators many years ago. To which point we only see a mountain lion here and there and its almost always in the news or by word of mouth similar to someone shouting that they've seen big foot or the loche ness monster.. Animals with no natural predators are known for overpopulating and spreading numerous disease and causing serious destruction to property and landscape. Do we NEED to hunt these animals for food when the availability of millions of other alternatives have been produced? No...But why not make use of it? Or should they instead kill the animal and leave the rest to rot away? How can one deny they humans have forced the hand of nature in to relying on us for the regulation of animals that can re-populate indefinitely simply because there is nothing to eat them?

  • Hunting for food is benefitial and completely natural.

    Hunting animals for food is the most natural and ecological way possible for humans to consume meat. It is also much more humane than the mass farming of animals for slaughter. With hunting humans learn to appreciate the outdoors and the wildlife they pursue. It connects man again with nature and that can be beneficial to man and animal kind alike.

  • No, this should not be banned.

    A limited amount of hunting is good for the wildlife. There is an epidemic in many states in regards to wild hogs. Culling some of the hogs helps to preserve the environment. Hunting can help regulate the amount of animals in the wild which can prevent starvation amongst those animals.

  • I don’t think that the hunting of deer, rabbits, squirrels, wild hogs, and other common animals for food should be banned.

    I don’t think that the hunting of deer, rabbits, squirrels,
    wild hogs, and other common animals for food should be banned. God created all of the animals in
    nature. He created it in such a way that
    certain animals eat others. It’s natural
    to hunt for food. Why should it be

  • I don't like hunting, but no.

    I don't like hunting and in fact, I'm a vegetarian, but I don't believe that hunting for food should be banned. There are people in very cold and remote climates that hunt for their food to survive. I would have less of a problem with it if the animal was being used for something other than a trophy.

  • The hunting of deer, rabbits, squirrels , wild hogs, and other common animals for food should not be banned.

    The hunting of deer, rabbits, squirrels , wild hogs, and other common animals for food should not be banned. Why on the earth would we do this? This is how our country survived and for most people it is still how they survive. We grow up and teach our children how to hunt and survive.

  • Don't Starve Hunters

    Many people still rely on hunting as a means of eating meat and providing food for their families. They cannot afford to purchase expensive meat at a grocery store. There is nothing wrong with hunting or killing animals if people are using the meat food for food. Hunting benefits these people tremendously.

  • Hunters make an animal's life better.

    Responsible hunters are great managers of the land. They help provide habitat for the animals they hunt and only take animals that are ready to be taken. Hunting season for any particular animal (except feral hogs) is only a few weeks long. During this time we only take a few individuals for personal use. We spend the rest of the year trying to make the animals as comfortable as possible. Better land and habitat management mean healthier happier animals.
    We are part of the natural cycle of predator and prey. However; we are the only predator that actively works to protect the habitat of the animals we prey upon.

  • It shouldn't be band for someone to hunt animals for food.

    There are people whom actually live 'old style'. They keep a more traditional life style of being resourceful and self efficient; not living modern style life. There are very good reasons for hunting your food over relying on grocery stores.
    I'm not a hunter, but I do want to learn to be independent and resourceful with nature. As well as be able to have actual fresh, untampered meat. My family and I already begun a small garden in our back yard recently and plan to learn more outdoorsy/independent skills.

    Here are some links that support good reasons to hunt for food:




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