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  • No I don't think so.

    The illuminati doesn't exist and if they did where is my money? NO I have not sold my "soul" I am just saying all these people claim all these celebrities sold their soul for money or asked the illuminati stuff now that's ALOT of celebrities. The illuminati claim comes up with every new celebrity it never fails. So I am just saying. And even if they did exist where do I join up? Lmao.

  • No substantial proof of the existence of the Scientific cult!

    Illuminati, the ancient brotherhood has no substantial proof of existence. It has always been claimed by several people in different places with no significant evidence. If the claims are considered to be true, there should be much more to the ancient scientific cult than Lucifer's Eye. Hype given to the brotherhood, through books and articles, never fails to revive the controversial subject but it dies out after a short time. Every now and then, people residing in the top echelons of respected professions are associated with the group but again, no proofs and evidences. How can a group be stopped when its actuality is unclear?!!

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kensman says2014-05-14T12:07:30.443
There is no such real thing as illuminati, it is imagination