• IMF works to promote global economies

    The International Monetary Fund already works together to facilitate the ease of trade and monetary transactions among a large group of countries. They must be involved in global economics as the group works to secure financial stability for those countries involved and, in effect, the global market. As technology and trading techniques progress, the IMF's involvement would only strengthen markets and financial stability.

  • The point of the IMF

    We need regulation to ensure a lack of gouging or disregard for the effect of one country's economy affects another. Who better to be involved an have a say in the matters than the IMF? That is what the international part of their name is all about. I see no problem here.

  • Yes, I think the IMF should be involved in global economies.

    I believe the IMF plays a crucial role in stability in developing economies, I think with the loans and assistance they can provide to nations who are facing financial problems can really help them out in a time of need and that helps the global economy as a whole when we have a global organization like the IMF.

  • The IMF should be involved with global economics

    The IMF is the organization most suited to be involved with global economies. It has the expertise and know how to intervene in and direct struggling economies. The IMF also has the resources to help bail out struggle countries and to help create an international consensus on challenging economic issues.

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