Should the implementation of K-12 Program in the Philippines be stopped?

  • I like K-12

    It will practically benefit those who cannot go to college. They will have a chance to earn for them to afford college in the future in this poor country. We must consider that not everything can the government accommodate and K-12 will increase their chance to be hired in or out of the country even though they are not a college graduate.

  • There should not be K-12.

    As most of you know, the implementation of K-12 has been used in many states, why should the Philippines stop? Different grades is what separates the different ages. I don't know about you childhoods, but when I saw kids older and stronger than me, it was terrible and makes me want to stop going to school, if their are even older people, school will be much harder for those children.

  • K-12 must abolish

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  • K-12 brought more HARM than HELP.

    Since the implementation of the K-12 Program, millions of Filipino youth drag themselves into a period of uncertainty, despite its benefits and its goal to be fully equipped and globally competitive, either job-ready or college-ready. This program didn't really improve our quality of Philippine education, but rather plunging down even further into a period of no return. Besides, companies cannot even accept senior high school graduates. Liking, loving, and supporting the benefits of K-12 is already losing your right of Filipino sovereignty, and unless that program is completely removed from the policies or return to the 10-year education system, we are not job-ready, college-ready, or senior high school ready, but rather acting as puppets of those who are doomed by not studying the lessons of history.

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