• Keep Income Tax; Abolish the IRS

    Don't really see the point of this particular "service." Taxes should not be this complicated. Would it be easier to just take a flat percentage based on our income that is adjusted based on certain parameters(donations, field of work, etc.)? I don't know. Either way I can't help but envy people that make a living out of aggressively collecting money from other people based on this tax code.

  • Income tax may run this country but, it's also destroying it.

    Wic Babies, Welfare, Food-stamps, and don't get me started on the rapidly disappearing Social Security. It's all going to be gone soon and our country has no idea how to live without it. We are nearing our collapse if we don't make hard choices now! Income tax being abolished will cripple our country but, then we can begin a new and lessen our loses. We need a system where we can decide where we want our money going, it gives control back to the people and that's what America was supposed to be about in the first place.

  • Just Say No To The Slave Tax

    The income tax is the most totalitarian of all taxes.

    Its implementation wrongly suggests that the government owns the lives and labor of the citizens it is supposed to represent.

    Americans must come to understand the source of the money that funds the government and where it goes.

    Contrary to the sound bites issued by the two Lame Stream Political Parties and their Lame Stream News Media Bobble Heads, the reality of how the system actually works should not only open their eyes, but hopefully get them and their single digit IQ to demand that the thievery and slavery come to an end.

    Income tax represents 1/3 of Uncle Scams revenue. I can cut 1/3 right off the top of their wasteful spending and kill two birds with one stone, wasteful spending and the Slave Tax, I mean Income Tax.

  • Pay as you go

    Other means of tax collections (eg sales tax, property tax, special assessment, etc) should allow equal percent of tax to be corrected. Say if you make $100, and don't spent it at all, should it be taxed? If you haven't spent the money at all, you are not realizing the income, despite the pesudo "realized gain" term used in capital gain classifications. Only when the money is spent, it should be taxed because you have just realized the gain. The argument that higher sales tax hinders spending therefore impact economy is analogous to the saying "let's discourage saving cuz we don't care if people don't have money to retire on"

  • I think so because we are just taxed too much.

    We get taxed for pretty much everything we have. We get taxed for the money that we get and that we spend. We get tax on insurance, on medical, on gas, on the cars. I think income tax is just pushing it. It's hard to live a life where all the money you earn is taxed.

  • The IRS and Federal Income Tax is a FRAUD!!!!

    There are a number of reasons that the income tax is a fraud. First, the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified. (IRS calls this frivolous) Second, the IRS has to use bluff, lies and completely ignore your legal Constitutional rights to collect. They force you to sign papers making yourself liable for an income tax that you wouldn't normally sign and that are actually a lie. (The income tax is only suppose to apply to Federal Government Employees or people who live or work in a Federal Zone.
    Also, the word "income" is not defined in the Internal Revenue Code. The legal meaning of "income" is "profit" or "gain". The IRS says that all the work you do is worthless. The money you receive from your employer is a gift out of the goodness of his heart. The employer can write off everything he pays you but, you cannot write off your training, your sweat, and the time it takes to do the job. TO THE IRS, YOU ARE WORTHLESS!!! If you are being paid $12.00 per hour, that is a "gift" from your employer. Your work is not worth $12.00 per hour, so you cannot write any of it off for your efforts and labor. TO THE IRS, YOUR LABOR IS WORTHLESS!!!

  • Did fine without IRS for 125 years

    Imagine an IRS agent out in the wild wild west....Would have had his head blown off or strung up on a tree. Americas greatest peiod of innovation and PROSPERITY was when a man could earn an honest days wage and keep it. Now people are nothing but slaves ...Except they work n office buildings instead of plantations

  • There is no law that requires us to pay taxes

    Why do we the people have to pay for our hard work and services to the government? Why can't we decide where our money goes? If we have the opportunity to change these over taxed laws we the people will be able to build the economy and spend more instead of forcefully having to pay the government and we don't even know what they do with all that money? Why are we taxed for services it should just be luxury items like cigarets not including gas or just abolish taxes for good.

  • Totalitarian ownership of our property

    The money we earn from labor (income) is our property. We have executed an exchange of something we own (labor) for something else (money) when working and this newly acquired property is subject to 4th Amendment protections. The government uses this money to fund cronyism and handouts for wealthy campaign contributors. Fractions of the money go to the responsibilities of the federal government allocated by the Constitution.

    Many think that without the income tax, society would collapse. The reality is that the income tax accounts for less than 50% of federal revenues. Income from corporate taxes, excise taxes, and other fees would be entirely sufficient to run the Constitutionally allocated powers of the federal government.

  • Income tax is theft

    My pay check is money that my employer exchanges for my labor, it isn't income.

    You can church taxes up all you want by claiming that the money will go toward "necessary" programs, but if I am given no choice in even where the money goes, let alone whether or not I pay at all, then it is theft. If you have to force people to participate in a "good cause," then it is wrong.

  • Necessary Evil

    Anybody who thinks that income tax can be abolished and have the country still work fine on other tax means clearly has no grasp on how economics works....

  • No, income tax should not be abolished, since no one has come up with another way of paying for infrastructure.

    While I like keeping as much of my money as possible, I also like roads, and other infrastructure-type services. Unless some other fair plan of paying for that infrastructure comes into existence, it can't be abolished. Somebody has to pay for the things everyone uses, and while not perfect, income tax pays for the infrastructure, while attempting to be fair.

    Posted by: B0rdKool
  • The income tax should not be abolished, because it is right for members of society to contribute to the whole.

    The income tax should not be abolished. The revenue that the government has obtained over the decades from the income tax has done a lot of good, built a lot of things, employed people, and taken care of the elderly, no matter what a few cranks want to erroneously grumble about, in regards to the government. It is appropriate for all members of a society to contribute to the common good and, indeed, in most human societies, there is some mechanism in place that requires everyone to contribute to a common fund, although sometimes that fund may be misappropriated by the elite class.

    Posted by: tagapps
  • The government will need income from elsewhere.

    If income taxes are abolished, the government will need to collect revenue from other sources. Property taxes and sales taxes will probably skyrocket. In addition, services such as free public education that we take for granted are most likely not going to be free. The bottom line is that if income taxes are abolished, we will bear the cost in other ways.

    Posted by: FeIBuddy
  • The income tax should not be abolished because it goes towards paying for things like social security and defense.

    The income tax should not be abolished because it does help pay for a number of national programs, including social security, the military, law enforcement, and infrastructure. While most would agree that a lot of that money is wasted with pork, there are still many programs that do benefit from that revenue stream. If the tax was abolished, everyone would immediately feel the impact of that action.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • The income tax should not be abolished since it is the major source of funding for the federal government.

    The income tax is needed to provide money for the services and defense needs of the American people. Many complain about the income tax as being unfair and punishing, which I also disagree with. Of coarse there are ways the income tax structure could be improved, but to think that this major source of government funding could be abolished is pure folly.

    Posted by: F Clayton
  • No, we cannot afford to abolish it.

    When our country has the second highest national debt in the world and we are still running up a deficit there is no logical reason to abolish a tax that generates a huge percentage of state income. If income tax were to be abolished then it would be impossible to pay off our national debt.

  • The income tax should not be abolished because it's too much of a source of our federal money.

    The income tax should not be abolished because it's too much of a source of our federal money. No one likes paying it and there are disparities and complications that should be fixed, but you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Property taxes wouldn't be practical because so many people don't own property and sales taxes are too punitive on the poor.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • Although I don't think that income taxes are always fair from person to person, they are used to pay for important things and are necessary.

    If we didn't all contribute with our income taxes as US Citizens, there wouldn't be money for many government sponsored programs and other related things that we probably don't even realize that money is used for. As much as we might hate to watch so much of our hard earned dollars to go taxes, they are a necessary evil.

    Posted by: jaamata
  • No, because I agree more with the European and Canadian system of governing.

    I think taxes should be raised, based on income. It should be a percentage of what you earn, not a standard base line. I think that, by raising wages and using this tax system, we are giving people more money, so that they end up with even more money after they have paid their income tax.

    Posted by: DefeatedWillian

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jbsDASH says2013-04-20T23:45:28.767
Those who only favor abolishing the income tax only favor the rich#abolish sales and payroll taxes not income taxes.