Should the influx of mass shootings push law makers towards gun reform?

  • Gun ownership vs. Gun flaunting

    There has been a push toward absurdity with gun fanatics (yes that is the right term), with morons walking around with loaded machine guns like this is ... Acceptable. As a Soldier who has walked around with a gun, I will tell you plainly that interacting with people required us to very deliberately disarm ourselves to remove the implicit threat of a gun. Very often, we would go into meetings completely without arms of any kind and sit and have a discussion. Carrying a gun around in public is an implicit threat, and one in which a hair trigger temper and easy access to guns will lead inevitably to conflict.

    No one is saying that you cannot own a gun. No one is saying you cannot hunt. No one is saying you cannot take your gun to a range. What we are saying is that if you are too dense to realize that the open carry of assault weapons is an implicit threat, then we citizens under constant threat from a couple of douches have every right to compel you to be descent person around others in public - and keep you assault weapons away from us.

    You cannot argue with facts:

    Our police are armed to teeth, because, in direct rebuttal to the claims of the NRA, every criminal out there has a gun and every stop is potentially life threatening for our police as a result. Its not restricting private ownership that is the problem, its that the readily availability of guns has flowed directly into the hands of criminals ... And the results are easily seen.

    Keep your guns in private.

  • Yes, I believe it should.

    I believe that an increase in reasonable gun laws will lower the influx of mass shootings. There should be longer waiting periods to buy guns along with stricter background checks. I also believe there should be a way to make sure a person is mentally stable before being able to purchase a firearm.

  • Yes, current gun laws are too lax.

    Yes, in light of the increase in deadly mass shootings over the past 20 years, gun reform should be considered. In some states, it is possible to purchase a gun at a gun show without a thorough background check. It is important to be able to look at the criminal and mental health history of anyone wishing to purchase a gun.

  • Gun Laws won't fix the problem

    We made heroin illegal, yet you still see people using it. We make guns illegal and the only people who will have guns are the bad guys and the police that will take far too long in most situations to respond and save our lives. We just need better background checks, simple.

  • Gun registration, no; mental health and background checks? Yes.

    As long as the mental background checks don't become perverted. Where government could keep law abiding citizens from getting a gun from a diagnosis 10 years ago, or something that is mild.
    I think we should test the playing field, but not infringe our basic rights that this country was built on.

  • Gun laws simply don't work.

    Why would they? People that are out to kill someone obviously are not law abiding citizens. The only people you would be taking guns from are those who would not use them in a crime. In this manner, bun laws tip the scales in favor of criminals. Think about it, if you were going to rob or kill someone, who would you pick, someone who may be armed or someone who is't?

  • No, the influx of mass shootings should encourage more mental healthcare and not gun reform

    Mass shootings are cause by people and not guns. It is the mental instability of a gun user that causes these tragedies. The focus should be on better mental health care practices and less on gun reform. Guns are needed for personal protection, sport, and hunting. Restricting gun laws may prohibit citizens from participating in these activities.

  • Mass Shootings often a Result of Repetitive Psychological Truama or Mental Illness.

    In many recent mass shootings, we have often heard of the shooter's troubled history of psychosocial troubles. In our society, one who has these psychosocial, are often seen as crazy, weird, or odd. This creates a social hierarchy of people who are "Normal" and "Not-Normal". Someone who is classified as "Not-Normal" will feel at a disadvantage when compared to people without mental illnesses. With mental illnesses being common, with as many as 26.2% of Americans presents with a diagnosable mental illness (NIH 2006). We as a society need to understand that these people are normal like us, and we shouldn't treat them any differently. Acts of violence are often the last resort people take to get the attention they need. Someone who has a mental illness does need attention, and if as a society, we increased our understanding of how people work and invested in programs to reduce mental illness, one could predict a lower rate in mass shootings.

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yetifivepecks says2014-06-08T07:06:31.957
Nope, why push for reform? Our current laws are simply astounding in their effectiveness. Let's just keep letting this happen.