• JAMIE HARRON case in point

    Jamie Harron ! Google for the articles, absolutely ludicrous. This along with issues on slavery, (modern day slavery if one wishes to be PC), plus issues with Yemen, Saudi and back handed dealings with Syrian War Criminals the entire ethos of these countries should be boycotted, including plane transfers in and out of dubai intl airport until such a time that basic human rights and UN policies are upheld.

  • Yes they should

    It's nothing more than a rich man playground built on the backs of slaves, over that it disrespects their values of the local people who see it as a city of sin, which it is. Over that it is built on debt and Interest which is haram in Islam. So it should either stop policing people under sharia or stop taking loans and charging interest.

  • For all that they are

    Ridiculous human rights violations - while their 'laws' are at the whim of their judges more often than not, they have - ridiculous censorship, slavery ('employers' from there fool people from usually South Asia into believing that they will get a specific set of working conditions and salary, and when they get there they have their passports taken away, work even 14 hours straight in the desert Sun, get paid only at the end of their contract - usually 5-7 years, to prevent them from running away, and are kept away from tourists' eyes in containers in the desert at night). Then there is that arrogant attitude of 'we own things' and 'we make the biggest, most expensive things', just as a barbarian would hang the skin of his prey on their shoulder to brag, they use up a ridiculous amount of energy and resources to make the desert green just to have something as useless as a golf course - terrible especially when considering that we well know what global warming is doing to us all. And then it's just that they are a bunch of self-righteous savages who were bare camelback only two generations ago and only tolerate in contempt those who bring money into that country (try doing something towards one of those pricks, and if they react positively, it's most likely that you were white or Japanese - if even). Shame on all who go to Dubai! Shame!

  • The city was built by slaves.

    Construction companies ripped them their passport. They could not leave the country. Most died because of the half salted water (they did not care desalting correctly the water for the workers). In their home countries they were promised well paid work in dubai after giving a huge initial amount. Upon arrival the salary was so low they could not even payback the amount invested over a 100 years period. This is why we call this slavery.

  • Boycott for such violations.

    The international community should boycott Dubai for its human rights violations. People should not travel to the country, engage in trade, buy real estate, or invest with them. Human rights violations need to be further investigated and addressed. This county with these challenges should then respond accordingly to resolve its internal issues and reassure the international community.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the international community should boycott Dubai for its human rights violations. Complaints usually include censored media and the less than human conditions foreign workers live in. By continuing to utilize products of Dubai the international community is simply upholding these problems rather than trying to fix them. Boycotts, if done enmasse, could prove helpful.

  • No, the international community should not boycott Dubai.

    No, the international community should not boycott Dubai. Though human rights violations exist, they should be dealt with in some other way, perhaps in an international court. The fact is that all countries have human rights violations of one sort or another, and they should be dealt with without affecting international economy.

  • International boycotts are ineffective

    The international community should not boycott Dubai for human rights violations. Boycotts require a level of coordination which the international community is lacking. Nations that partake in the types of actions we consider human rights violations are unlikely to be swayed by a voicing of disapproval. So long as a few nations are willing to trade with them, we really only are giving more economic power to their allies who will act as 'fences' on their behalf.

  • They're not that bad.

    No, the international community should not boycott Dubai for these supposed human rights violations. While I doubt any Arab country scores high on the human rights checklist, it's far from being the worst violator. Their laws are based on Islam, it's not kept a secret, and if you can't follow their rules, then get out.

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