Should the international community have intervened in the Georgia-Russia conflict?

  • In a way they did

    The international community did in a way send support. There were relief vessels sent to Georgia also there was money set aside by the UN to install a very advanced boarder detection system. This system installed would be an early warning system that in case of another Russian incursion on the boarder.

  • Yes they should

    Yes they should have because how do we determine our enemies from the good and the bad. Russia needs to stop trying to invade every country around them. Georgia is an independent part of Russia and they don't want to be under the rules of Russia any more than any other country.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe the international community should have intervened in the Georgia-Russia conflict. The short conflict is over and it led to some territory going to Russia indefinitely. I think the international community was best to stay out of this one, as well as Russia's interference in Crimea recently.

  • No, no one is the world's police.

    No, the international community has enough issues as it is, and no one country is the world police. We need to realize that. War is expensive. Especially here in America, we need to focus on our own problems and leave what happens in the rest of the world to the rest of the world. We simply can't do it all.

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