Should the International Criminal Court be involved in prosecuting money laundering?

  • International Corruption Rife at a State level; need an International Oversight like Interpol or ICC or UN to police it.

    International laundering and financial crime is at an all time high. All major international Banks should be forced to comply with a common anti-laundering code and commit to preventing the theft and corruption occurring internationally. Furthermore a policing and prosecution body outside each nation should be prosecuting this type of crime. Unfortunately yes is is at the same level as war crime and crime against humanity especially in countries where death from poverty is being caused by the financial rape of each country. Many countries in Africa bear testament to this; dictators raping resources whilst people starve. There needs to be a re-evaluation of the extent and necessary policing and punishment of this crime!

  • When applicable, yes

    Money laundering isn't always international, but when it is it makes sense for the International Criminal Court to get involved so as to have an unbiased body overseeing the case. I'm a little surprised this isn't already the way things are done, when a crime is committed across borders how does one claim it's their case?

  • yes they should

    Yes, if it is a case that involves any money that came across a nations borders, then it does need to go to the crime court that covers more that one country. This would make sure that it was handled fair and to the best way that they knew how.

  • Yes, they should

    The International Criminal Court should be involved in prosecuting money laundering, because in many cases, the money laundering is of international criminal organizations or schemes involving many countries. They are well within their jurisdiction, in my opinion, to prosecute money laundering whenever it involves any international entity whatsoever. It's only right.

  • No, the International Criminal Court should not be prosecuting money laundering

    The International Criminal Court was set up to prosecute those accused of committing heinous crimes such as genocide and war crimes. Money laundering, while a definite problem, is not in the same category as war crimes and crimes against humanity. Money laundering would be a problem for other courts but the International Criminal Court should continue to handle more aggressive crimes.

  • No, I don't believe the International Criminal Court should be involved in prosecuting money laundering.

    I believe that money laundering cases should be handled by the respective countries of where it occurred, I believe the justice systems in those countries should be adequate enough to give the accused a fair trail and conviction, I don't believe there is a need for an international body like the International Criminal Court to be involved.

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