Should the Internet access problem on reservations in the United States be corrected?

  • Yes, they should be.

    From what I have read they have a very hard time getting internet connections as well as phone service on their reservations. This is crucial in today's world, especially when trying to educate children. This should be seen as a public utility and every effort should be made to get them service.

  • It would help.

    Native Americans have many ongoing issues, such as substance abuse and underemployment. Allowing them access to the internet would allow them to find jobs. It would connect them to the outside world, and allow their young people to integrate more with American cultures. Internet is also inexpensive to provide so there would not be a great deal of hardship

  • Internet access should be corrected

    Every single person should be able to have access to the Internet if they want to. The Internet access problems should indeed be corrected on reservations in the United States of America. Every citizen including ones on reservations should be able to have Internet if they are paying for it.

  • Yes the federal government must improve broadband access on Indian Reservations.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates that less than 10 percent of the American Indian community has Internet access compared to 64 percent of the rest of the United States. The federal government must take action to improve this. Lack of Internet puts the Indian community at a business and educational disadvantage to the rest of the country.

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