Should the Internet be censored by the government?

  • Yes, the Internet should be censored.

    The Bill of Rights allows freedom of the press, but the Internet has made everyone his or her own publisher, and with that comes some risks. Hate speech, for example, has become so prevalent that Google issues an apology if you simply type the word "Jew" into their search engine. This type of hate speech harms people and doesn't do anyone any good. There are also images that are disturbing and should not be seen, especially by younger people. Laws that protect people from having their own rights infringed upon are necessary in order to protect us from seeing such things on the Internet.

  • The Internet Should Not Be Censored

    No, the Internet should not be censored by any government. The Internet is the place of ultimate freedom. One can express oneself however one wishes on the Internet. This freedom of expression can lead to an increased democracy as the free exchange of ideas is spread from place to place.

  • No it should not be censored by the government.

    The Internet should not be censored by the government on the grounds of free speech in the first place. It is a place for people to express their opinions and vent their frustrations, even look up information from the world around them, even if the views go against government and do not favor their current choices in this time.

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