Should the Internet be controlled in any way? If yes, who should be responsible for its regulation?

Asked by: gaper
  • Yes. Otherwise, it can be too dangerous

    There are way to many ways to harm people through the Internet. It's happening already: all sorts of scam sites exist, sites that sell child porn and other disgusting stuff like that. Efforts are being made to fight such things, and these efforts should continue. Interpol and other services like that are to work together on this.

  • NSA does the work

    We should have people look at our computers because it is for the greater good for our people. Our internet is not a lot of privacy taken away but in fact the NSA has helped us foil some terrorist attacks by searching our internet things and one of those would have been a nuclear terrorist attack

  • The internet is freedom

    The internet should be free, as most malicious conversations happen in the deep internet which cannot be controlled. So these organisations are only spying on normal people not the people who they are trying to. So they are not doing what they are trying to do but they are saying that they are for democratic purposes.

  • Over My Dead Body

    It is basic freedom, if any person or agency were given regulatory control over the internet, the can tell us what news we must listen, which opinions are allowed to be voiced and heard. They can read our personal correspondence and in general invade our privacy. Law Enforcement should be able to monitor and act against persons suspected of Illegal activity, but only with a warrant issued by a open civilian court, none of the FISA garbage, with probably course shown. To simply allow the erosion of freedoms for the so called "Greater Good" is one of the greatest evils out there.

  • Absolutely not agree!!!

    I'm a Asian. Whatever I can say is my country government will control public to voice out their thought, this including the news. And my country is considered as better news freedom if compare to other Asia country but still have to improve. Government also sometime blocks the critics from foreign in my country news so we only know through the internet. Sometimes the incident which happened in my country will have only little info than oversea. Other than that, if this year election certain party in my country there playing some tricks with the result. The most irony thing is the party leader said that election is fair in the media. And I have saw a lot of videos and with my eyes that a lot of foreigner come and vote in my country during the election. But at the end due to unfair party the grifter party have won in that election. Without the internet for sure we as the citizen will know nothing about our country because government is the best in cover something up!!!!

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