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Yes it should be regulated

   The internet should be regulated just like television. Children should not be able to have access to free porn; people should not be able to ruin someone's life or career with postings and articles on Google; people should not be able to have access to all of your PRIVATE information.
Anonymous says2013-05-08T16:19:51.063
First of all in the internet just like in real life THE PARENTS are the ones that need to regulate what their children watch. Second I think that any one has the right to argue againts anyone they want in the internet since it's our right of freedom of speech. As for personal information, there is no arguing that it should be regulated.
Anonymous says2013-07-06T22:56:17.030
My daughter ran into porn accidentally by searching for a popular children's game. It's ridiculous. If pedophiles were allowed to roam freely, would it be my fault if on the one OFF chance that I wasn't there to walk my 11 year old across the street and she got molested? You obviously don't have children old enough to use the internet. There comes a time when you can't be there for every click.. And it's well before they're 18.
Anonymous says2013-08-29T01:27:59.227
That analogy with the pedophile isnt an accurate statement. First of all there are tools for parents to block those websites to ensure that pronographic websites cannot be accessed. With the pedophile analogy, you should be watching your child or have someone to supervise your child. Adressing the private information, the website you are using takes your information with your consent. Most people don't care to read the terms of agreement but by clicking agree you wave your right to privacy. If you don't agree with the terms of agreement then find another website because it is the owner's product and as long as they don't violate and laws or regulations then they are free to procede in collecting your information.
west49cool5 says2015-01-14T04:10:57.093
Why not just ban all adults from using the internet? Simple solution right there.
markgame777 says2017-12-08T22:39:31.263
It is the job of parents to regulate the activities of their Children, not the government. Stop handing over your power over to the government, it will not end well for you.
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