• Regulate the shit out of them. . .

    The attack on independant journalists going on right now was the final straw. These days independants have to always be worried that a story may go against constantly changing community guidelines and they could have their youtube channel shut down. What is happening is an attack and attempt to shut down independant news or at the least, Limit the reach they have all while using their algorithms to push the "CNN's" to the top. I want to get the full story, Not the curated content that were seeing now and if we don't regulate them, The only news we are going to see will be what the left leaning media giants want us to. Our news will turn into one giant piece of propaganda.

  • Porn porn porn

    Kids could be searching innocent things on the internet and then BOOM! PORN PORN PORN they could be scared for their life and then they might show their parents and they would be the ones to get in trouble and what if they stumbeledd across an R rated movie or an 18 plus then they would be to scared to sleep and if the watched a scary movie then the parents would blame them again

  • Anybody can do anything. . .

    The resources we have available to us is uncanny! Any teen has free access to anything their thumbs wish! Take the bombing of the Boston Marathon. The second some random person decides to type the words "how to make a homemade bomb" is the second many deaths or tragedies can occur. Innocent people's lives depend on internet regulation!

  • Yes it’s needs to

    Well things called porn kids can see and their childhood can be turn into a aggressive person while frowning up into a person that has been the biggest person it’s awesome private th Bat has it been ugliest but bye people these are the way they get acted like nothing

  • Yes it should

    The only way to remove indecent images of children, Rape videos, Video's uploaded without consent, Terrorist material etc. . . Is to make sure we have control of what is hosted online. The argument of 'its taking away my privacy' is useless when so many women, Men and children especially have there privacy taken away and images/videos which can/will ruin there lives is shared for profit. The government and isp's monitoring the websites you visit is a small price to pay to stop child abuse.

  • School Schootings?

    In Florida there was a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, FBI says Nikolas Cruz was posting very alarming posts of guns and commenting how he'd shoot up a school. If the government had control of technology then they could've prevented this horrible massacre which brings me back to my reason why the government should control social media. The government would be able to prevent school shootings or see if someone is acting a little suspicious

  • The internet should be regulated the same way the media is

    If your favorite media site starting reporting that America was in the center of the world, Would you believe them? If you say yes, then you need a dose of scrutiny. The internet, like every other data producing organization, needs to make sure that it posts the truth. The problem, no one wants to regulate it as they think that it will infringe on free speech. I'm fourteen, and I can't go into a R- rated theater without a person older than 17. So, Why can I find porn on GOOGLE IMAGES WITH SAFE SEARCH ON?? The internet will not regulate itself, so the GOVERNMENT, under the commerce clause in the constitution, can regulate interstate trade, I'm pretty sure that the server your on right not is not in your state. Therefore, it's interstate trading of data.

  • Government Should Have Some but NOT too much control

    Enough control to help monitor bad things that are posted and allowing people to have their privacy. Insure that what is posted is not offensive to the majority of people. Government should pass new laws that protect people from the government limiting what people post on the internet and how much control the government has of the internet.

  • The internet should be controlled but only for safety reasons

    I believe the internet should be controlled but only for safety reasons, as there are terrorist websites that terrorists use to spread their ideas and some teenagers and children are easily convinced. Other things government should control is drug dealing, weapon selling etc. But they should never ban sites for political benefits because this will show the people that there is no freedom of speech and people will go against the government.

  • PORN kills lives

    Pls don't kill ma kids. Pray for meh. I mean its god's plan. Imagine if I never met the broskis who made inyetrnet shiny and cool. Then the kids watching sexual content and be wanking their tallywagers . Ples help meh in the best way possinble. Pray for meh. PLSS

  • NO, the government should leave the internet alone

    Information wants to be free. The government should not have the ability to control freedom of thought. Unfortunately, some people will use that freedom for bad causes, but government should be involved in controlling those bad people and not the internet. If we put the power to control the internet into the hands of government, that power itself can be abused. I would rather know there are websites that offer illegal or undesirable content than not know what I am being blocked from seeing.

  • No, the internet should not be regulated by the government.

    The internet provides the general public with important information that the government may want to hide for one reason or another. Transparency is an important idea to both business and government activities, and since both the business and government sector do not provide adequate transparency (or information to the public) it's up to the internet to fill in as many of these holes as it can.

  • Absolutely Not.

    The Internet is one of the last free grounds for Americans. it is one of the last places that the government has not taken control of. All the people of the world own and have created the Internet, and we should not be restricted or regulated in our use of it.

  • It would mean a loss of free speech.

    The Internet is a global tool used for education, communication, and business. If the UN were to regulate it, it would result in a loss of free speech. Also we would be censored and denied our right to the information the government doesn't want us to see, such as what is on Wikileaks. You have to remember the Internet was created by the people, not the government.

  • No freaking way!

    My reason is because the entire world cannot be taxed the same way. The USA already is in a high amount of debt and they would only end up wasting more money like they are currently. They should find another solution for the problems they have caused without ruining it for the rest of the world.

  • Who would regulate it?

    The Internet is an international tool. The United States of America are not the only people who use the Internet. Who is to say that the Internet is America's (or anyone for that matter) to regulate? The Internet doesn't "belong" to the government, it was created for the people who use it.
    Yes, there are things on the Internet that society frowns upon, such as child pornography, online trolling, and cyber-bullying. However, with any new form of communication, it should be expected that there are people who would abuse it. But the Internet is so broad a medium, that not only would it be nearly impossible to regulate, even if we found someone suitable to regulate it.

  • A Free Place For Everyone

    The Internet is a means for people all over the world to explore, to expand their knowledge, to communicate, to receive information. If they are to be restricted by the government and the law, the purpose of the Internet is defeated. What good is this huge bounty of information and data if people are unable to utilize it fully?

  • I do not believe that the internet should be regulated by the Government.

    This is because, by allowing them to do this you are enabling them to control your views. Also, although many people believe that this will help to target terrorism, it also invades the privacy of ordinary members of the Public. Why does the government need to know minor details e.g. what you like to buy on the internet? I dont believe this is necessary, therefore I do not think the government should be allowed to regulate the internet. I suggest instead that they gain the ability to gain knowledge of suspected criminals, as opposed to snooping on ordinary and innocent civilians.

  • Freedom of speech

    Governments control enough things already. That's just the governments of the world taking what is truly ours, not the governments. Us users of the Internet frown upon child pornography and that stuff. We try to do what we can but its not the governments to control. Pretend a giant movement is going around to stop the NSA but they just shut it down. This means corruption could happen and the internet would be used and controlled by the rich. Governments could stay in as long as they want if you give them that power. There are too many possibilities.

  • Impossible to Regulate

    It is impossible to regulate the Internet because if a country wants to put down a site such as Facebook due to political issues in that country is it really fair that the rest of the world cannot access that website? One of the biggest problems we will face if we regulate the Internet is exactly what should be regulated because all countries have their own opinion. We all are culturally and religiously different which affects our opinion

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