• The internet should be regulated in the same way that society is.

    The internet should be regulated by the government, just as other venues of media and commerce are. There is no plausible reason that something on the internet should be exempt from Intellectual property and commercial laws, as well as laws that cover other forms of media such as television and radio. The very real and dangerous presence of illegal images such as child pornography and voyeuristic videos alone are a reason that the web should not be a free-for-all. The internet should mirror society at large -- while free speech and liberties are important, we acknowledge a social contract to give up a little of our liberties in exchange for certain protections. There is nothing unusual or nefarious about that.

  • Yes

    If the internet were not regulated by the government it could become all to easy to communicate regarding terrorist activities. It would also be difficult from keeping child pornography from being stopped and those who create it punished. I believe it is a waste of the governments time and resources, however, to attempt to stop piracy.

  • Yes, we need motivation.

    I believe that the internet should be regulated, I am a teenager, 16 years old. Yes i use the internet on a daily basis, but i feel that it should be regulated and use it a lot less then what we use it now. I think its safe to say that people that have an access to the internet over abuse the way it should be used. We spend most of our time on the internet instead of helping someone or going outside to enjoy the day. We take the internet too serious. The internet is an amazing tool and can be used for homework, works and for socializing but I believe we have to start using it less because its getting out of control. In the social websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, people talk about other people and that's how problems start. Many people fight over something stupid because it was said over the internet. I think we can make things better without the internet.

  • The Internet should absolutely be regulated.

    People should use the Internet to do research, write e-mails but not be able to use it as a weapon to cyber bully kids, adults and business. Many people these days are just cowards, hiding behind the Internet and posting nonsense. This should be banned. People need to get a life and not destroy lives of others. There is no social responsibility or accountability any longer. Where will this all lead to? We are supposed to be civilized and not junk, yet the world is turning for the worse it seems. These "freedoms" don't lead to anything positive. Use the Internet properly but not to vent anger.

  • Yes it should be regulated

    The internet should be regulated just like television. Children should not be able to have access to free porn; people should not be able to ruin someone's life or career with postings and articles on Google; people should not be able to have access to all of your PRIVATE information.

  • Only for national security reasons.

    If at the very least, the internet should be regulated for the sake of national security. I personally don't care what other people search preferences are, that's their business, but any suspicious criminal and terrorist traffic has to be kept under check. If we had the authority ten years ago that we do now, 9/11 would have been exposed and 2700 lives could've been saved.

  • I would like an internet that separates between porn/gambling and general sites.

    Pornography is destructive, it ruins peoples lives. Therefore, all porn sites or gambling sites should be forced to have an EFFECTIVE "Prove you're 18" type of entrance without showing lewd pictures on the cover page. I think the majority of internet users wouldn't mind posting their adult content appropriately if so instructed.

  • Yes it should be.

    For national security reasons as well as protection of children it needs to be regulated. Just like television is regulated, Internet should also be regulated. There's a big difference by monitoring and regulating the Internet. And people get confused with that. Monitoring people or the government simply watch for someone breaking the law. Regulating the Internet is what should be displayed and to whom.

  • Regulation by its very nature sets limits to freedom, which is the most basic principle of democratic societies

    There is a contradiction intrinsic to the notion of regulating what are supposed to be the free means of expression and information in a modern society. Dennis McQuail stated that “Regulation by its very nature sets limits to freedom, which is the most basic principle of democratic societies.” At the very least, this means that there have to be clear and convincing reasons for tougher regulation, and although we can give general justifications for regulation that help to reconcile it with principles of freedom and democracy, we cannot escape from this underlying tension. The advancement in technology and the exponential growth in the online industry as well as the demand for innovative information deregulation and low monitored regulations however break the barriers that stifle the online industry and enhance its growth.

  • I am young

    I don't want to see yucky sites even Facebook is to far so it should be regulated only if they want if for example young kid like me but either way people will still put yucky and gross stuff on the internet so it doenst really matter but it should just because of the young kids

  • People who say yes don't know how computers work.

    Yes #1: Children seeing porn.
    Yes #2: People spend too much time on the computer.
    Yes #3: Terrorism
    Yes #4: Cyber bullying
    Yes #5: Hacking

    #1. A simple Google search, could easily show you to block certain website(s) for people using the internet.
    #2. You can setup log-on schedules so that you can limit computer activity as much as you please. Also, a little self-control would help.
    #3. Terrorism will live long past the censoring of the internet, it would just restrict the people of the US to information about these subjects.
    #4. Cyber Bullying there is this awesome thing called BLOCK that allows you to block people who are harassing you online, if it is severe enough, REPORT them to the website admins, and/or authorities, if needed.
    #5. Hacking will always be around, it will never go away, id we secure the internet, hackers will be all over it, they live for the challenge.

    All in all, if you said yes, please do yourself a favor and take an internet safety class or something.

  • Education for the children

    A lot of children use the Internet for good use like homework, research papers, and we need our privacy
    The Internet is a very useful tool for our college, high school, middle school, and even elementary schools. Controlling the internet is controlling our lives. Give us a break. PRIVACY MATTERS!

  • Freedom will be terminated

    If the government regulated the Internet, then it will cause MAJOR problems with wanting freedom. What I mean is that in order to get on websites that you frequently visit, you'll have to pay the government extra money in order to do so. Probably even more than once! So essentially, they'll put a tax on major websites like YouTube and Facebook. And minor websites (with the chance that one may be owned by a family member or even you) WILL BE COMPLETELY WIPED OFF CYBERSPACE!!!!! And you might have to pay MORE money than usual: some for keeping your website up, and the rest to browse it. IT MIGHT STILL BE MORE THAN ONCE!!!!! This is why I believe that the government cannot be allowed to regulate the Internet: LOADS of taxes. And that's already a real life problem! WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT A TAX ON THE INTERNET OF ALL THINGS!!!!!!!!!!

  • The fat cats want a bigger piece of the pie.

    Right now any user regardless of race, creed, religion or "WEALTH" can log on search, view, post on any site they have a desire to. When companies advertise there business to attract clients to view their business and or products online it should not have to include what income range or broadband range they would like to appeal to. When advertising in a newspaper or direct mail you may chose an area, for the most part you are not choosing income level. Its just another way for the companies that offer Internet services to increase their revenue when it works just fine the way it is. I'm not against companies making money, why should they be entitled to earn more money off what was not designed or invented by them. When TimeWarner blocked CBS being viewed if you were using timewarner broadband. Many people were outraged, some even cancelled their service. What is wrong with the way the Internet is currently working? The fat cats want are being greedy and want a bigger piece of the pie when they are not actually entitled to it.

  • Internet should not be regulated.

    When we speak about something being regulated, I wonder about who or what is supposed to regulate internet? Is this government? In this case, it would never work. If this are corporations - then we automatically give it up into their greedy hands - and they'll make sure to make their profit on our basic right.
    I won't claim that internet resembles our right to free speech because it's so much more. It's rather our right to free knowledge and information that it provides. When I read comments of those who are FOR internet regulation, I am rather surprised. I don't understand the reason to sensor internet. We have a mouth - does it need to be regulated by anything else then beholder? No it doesn't. You choose what you say - and it's better something coherent. I would also avoid comparing internet regulation to parental control, because parental control deals with your personal computer, but internet is an extremely powerful thing to be controlled by both bureaucratic organization, or greedy Scrooge. As for those parents who want to stop their children from watching porn - you'll never succeed. Just remember yourself in their age. If they really want it - they'll find the way to do it.
    And lastly, some people say that it needs to be regulated because of the security reasons. I'd agree with this, however, as it's been proven, government is not able to successfully do it. All they can do is collect our emails or calls, and use their base when there's a need. If this is their way of "securing" our online live, I'd better get off this train.

  • Should they be able to find every little detail of your life? Absolutely not.

    We have the freedom of speech. The government, back in the day was limited to very few tasks, and regulating the people and their conversations was NOT one of them. The government regulates the news and internet, keeping certain things from the general public. We have the freedom of speech, and our natural rights include the right of pursuit of happiness. If for some disturbing reason your pursuit of happiness is to search perverted stuff on the internet, the government can do nothing to stop you. The government also tries to keep news stories from the public, and who knows, they may even delete this comment. I am not a person paranoid of "conspiracies", but I do know that the government keeps things from the public, and we have the right to know.
    I would like to send a shout-out to my fellow teenagers out there: I am 16 years old and I genuinely care about the freedoms the government is taking away from the people every single day. I invite you to do the same. Take a stand to protect our rights.

  • It's Fundamental to free speech

    For centuries ordinary people have had no voice and now we do this creates a problem for governments as they want to control us. I admit the internet has bad point but if you are that easily offended you shouldn't be on the internet. Using the internet many scandals have been exposed and spread across the world this wasn't possible in yesteryear.

  • No to me a falls under free speech and free expression. Certainly not!!!

    I don't think the Internet should be regulated. It is a place of free speech and free expression, which means that some people (mostly parents) will need to monitor what their kids are doing on the Internet. Of course not. The government is group of people that rule the country and its people for interests of the group. Internet is most democratic system for information's distribution. Yes, I agree that this problem is hard, 'cause there are many porno sites, but I think even this shouldn't be controlled by the government.

  • This would be counterintuitive

    It would be a useless attempt to create welfare to the US government by creating a financial drain to the US taxpayers. Ironically this would create an entire new governmental agency that needs funding. This would equate to a waste tax dollars to enforce taxation. It would hinder growth and hijack the beautiful potential to give every human a voice in the conversation. Do not make the same mistake with the internet as we did with the DEA, NSA, CIA and IRS. We need less government, not more.

  • Certainly not. They have no right to see what we do day in and day out.

    The government has already done things that should not be respected. If only twenty percent of what the government does is honorable, we shouldn't trust what they will do now, no matter how helpful they wish to announce it as. If we give them one inch, they will take another and another until they rule us completely as if we have no right to the choices we should be able to make. Personally, I would call it a crime to spy on people who have not done and will not do any harm to the government.

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