Should the internet be regulated or censored by the government?

  • Only to an Extent

    Just watching Law & Order SUV alone we find there are some truly sick people out there...and they are using things like the internet to aid their sickness. While some believe people should be able to do whatever they want in their own homes, on their own computers--I think that is is fine as long as we recognize how critical it is that we eliminate private acts that aid public (and private) crime/ruin. Like watching rape porn motivates rape, or watching child porn motivates Pedophilia.

  • Yes, but only a little bit

    The government should regulate and censor the internet but only a little bit and where it is needed. Instances of where it is needed is when people are doing things illegal such as pirating music, conducting crimes, and doing immoral things. Everything else should be left alone because the internet can regulate itself for the most part.

  • Not a Government but a higher entity.

    The world has changed and Internet has grow very fast without the minimum regularization. A Government controlling the net can take advantage of it against other countries or people.
    A superior entity can be created by the UN to ensure that every user complies with the human rights. This entity has to be neutral.

  • No government censorship of the internet

    We have rights as people to have freedoms.
    There are so many things that this "nation of freedom" has censored that it almost looks like an oligarchy than a democracy. However, the internet is a place where we can sit down and enjoy actual freedoms that should be left untouched by the government as we relax in our homes.

  • No Government Censorship of Internet

    If the government should ever try to censor the Internet, then the American people should fight back with lawsuits and other actions. There's no reason the government should even think of censoring any part of the Internet. The government doesn't even own the Internet after all. With that in mind, censorship is always a bad idea.

  • Free Market Principles Apply

    Governments shouldn't regulate or censor the Internet any more than it already does. Every day, thousands of new websites are activated. It is virtually impossible for anyone to keep up with everything on the Internet, even though the NSA tries to do so. Just like businesses in a free market economy, it's up to the consumers to regulate their behavior on the Internet.

  • The Internet Should Not Be Regulated

    No, the Internet should not be regulated by any government. The Internet exists as a place in which true democracy can thrive. Ideas are exchanged freely and at the blink of an eye. If governments begin to censor the Internet, they will be doing so at the expense of this new democracy.

  • It's our right.

    The only thing I think the Government should pay more attention to when it comes to the Internet is the whole illegal downloading and piracy that takes place. The Internet is perhaps one of the ultimate places for an adult to exercise their first amendment right of freedom of speech.

  • The Internet should not be regulated or censored by the government.

    The Internet should not be regulated or censored by the government. There are some things that the government should not be allowed to control and the Internet is one of them. I think if we start giving the government control of the Internet they would take it as far as they could to do more harm than good at preventing anything.

  • Keep it Free

    The internet is one of the last realms free from the arbitrary and capricious whims of bureaucrats seeking to promote their own importance at the expense of peoples freedom. Let the internet remain free and open as it has used that freedom to become the most valuable source of knowledge in human history.

  • Censorship in moderation.

    I am not a fan of censorship at all but I do believe in some cases it is necessary (child porn for starters). The idea that giving someone access to vast databases of information can cause harm is absurd. If someone watches a 'rape porn' then it can help them not act out these fantasies, or it is possibly a fetish. It is the person who causes the harm, not the Internet.

  • No

    The only exceptions should be things like child porn but then the crime should be "accessory to the abuse of a child" since you aid and abbet the producers by consuming their material. Banning things because they might be a bad influence not only puts all internet expression in danger it sends a message against personal responsibility. Ultimately a person who commits a crime is the person responsible, NOT the media and focusing too much on "influences" leads people to a deterministic mentality where they imagine themselves helpless to external forces.

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