Should the internet be regulated when it comes to pop culture?

  • No, the internet should not be regulated.

    Pop Culture is a freedom of expression that we should be able to experience without regulation over the Internet. It does not make sense to have someone regulate what they think is appropriate for others to consume over the Internet. We should not be regulated, we have the right to view what we want over the Internet.

  • Pop culture is bad

    It makes people stupid. People always do what they see on the internet these days. It makes them do really stupid things. Also, people will show off more often. They would buy items related to the topic and wear it in public. I would like pop culture to be better for the world and not influence people to do anything they see on the internet.

  • No Internet Regulation for Pop Culture

    No, the internet should not be regulated when it comes to pop culture as pop culture is under the domain of freedom of speech and expression. "Pop culture" is called what it is because it refers to disposable culture that is popular, and as such, the internet need not be regulated in reference to it.

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