• The internet should provide access to hacking tutorials.

    The Internet provides information on all types of subjects and topics from computer hacking, money laundering, to making bombs. I think it is unfair to ban information from a lot of people to protect them from a few who will do harm. Computer hacking unfortunately is a nemesis that will have to be monitored.

  • The internet should never be censored

    The internet is a great highway of ideas, in which even unpopular notions are offered. As long as no crime is being committed, no censorship should ever be allowed. Our right to free speech should never be abridged, even if it seems that criminal activity is being encouraged or enabled.

  • Yes, the free trade of information is important, including hacking tutorials

    While computer hacking tutorials could be harmful, they are not harmful enough that I would deem it necessary to ban access to them from the Internet. The free trade of information is central to the purpose of the Internet, and the protection of that freedom is worth allowing some kinds of potentially harmful content.

  • Hackers only have power because the rest of us are ignorant

    There is nothing more annoying than being hacked on your computer. Playing online video games with a hacker seems like an exercise in futility. Many people believe that hacking could be stopped by making the information on how to hack less available via the Internet. However, this is faulty thinking. The truth is that hackers will always know how to find the information that they need. The problem isn't that hackers have too much information but that the general public has too little. To understand hacking, more people have to take advantage of the same information that hackers do.

  • Yes, I think the Internet should provide access to hacking tutorials.

    I believe that the public should be able to access all types of information on the Internet regardless of what it is, I think we need to punish those who use these tutorials for illegal activities but I don't see why these materials couldn't be available for educational reasons on the Internet.

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