Should the Internet ring the moment it is ready for use so people can sleep in the meantime?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yes it should.

    I can definitely see some merit to this. A lot of us are just old enough to remember this:
    I'm sorry, but dat nostalgia. I would do more than most people would in order to get back what I lost with the invention and adoption of always-on internet connections.

  • It's so frustrating and boring to wait

    It takes forever to load. It would also be good if computers rang the moment they logged-in. I would like to use the intervening time to take a nap given I don't usually have anything else to do. It is just so absolutely frustrating and boring to have to wait for so long.

  • It should not.

    No, because if i'm sleeping I definitely do not want to be woken up by my computer so I can get on it and probably just mess around on it more than I would do, say, my home work or what ever other important things I could do.
    If I'm able to get a couple minutes of sleep, I would rather those minutes to turn into hours rather than be rudely awakened by a ringing computer. :P

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