• Yes: The TWA Flight 800 Case Should Be Re-Opened

    There are numerous eyewitness accounts which have suggested an external force, perhaps a rocket, was responsible for bringing down the plane. New, forensic evidence is also pointing to foul play. in the end, the families of the victims are due the kind of thorough investigation which would bring them closure based on facts.

  • There are unanswered questions.

    The investigation into TWA Flight 800 should be re-opened because there are a lot of unanswered questions about the investigation. The public is not satisfied that the TWA flight crashed the way that people in the government said it did. Reopening the investigation with a fresh set of eyes would do a lot to answer the public's questions.

  • The Investigation TWA

    I personally think that Former crash investigators are urging the National Transportation Safety Board to reopen the review of what brought down TWA Flight 800 in a fireball in 1996.
    Former investigators from the NTSB, TWA and Air Line Pilots Association suggest in a documentary that missiles caused the plane to explode near Long Island and kill 230 people aboard. The plane was flying from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Paris

  • It should not

    No, I think that it is to late to investitate this incident, and that if they wanted to then they should have done it when it first happened. I think that by now no one even remembers it, and that they need to just move on and worry about today.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the investigation into TWA Flight 800 should be re-opened. This case was actually studied under two different investigations neither of which really found anything suspicious. Furthermore the investigations yielded very plausible explanations, so there shouldn't be a reason to investigate it at this point when even smaller amounts of evidences would be available.

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