• Caucus Should Be Abolished

    Any Caucus does not represent the true vote of the people. You should not have to change your vote because there is not 15% of people in your group who want the same candidate and then bargain for a candidate. Ridiculous. . . Everyone has the right to vote, Primaries are the way to go where everyone's voice is heard. I should not have to justify to anyone who I feel will best represent me. The young people will always go for someone they think will give them free stuff that will never pass the congress. Just a pipe dream.

  • Yes abolish caucuses

    Caucuses are not a true representation of the electorate. Caucuses are not inclusive as a matter of fact caucuses are particularly exclusive. It isn't fair to every voter who CAN'T make it to caucus. What about workers who can't take off? Single parents who don't have or can't afford childcare? What about people who have difficulty to get out of thwork house for whatever reason? A primary is the right choice. Vote by mail is even better

  • No it shouldn't!

    This is the united states. "STATES" We can't abolish it because of a feud. Its not kindergarten. Its a campaign. Kind of like a game of life. Dont get mad over one thing. It may just happen again. So we can't abloish the Iowa Caucus. Its part of the election!!!!

  • Yes, it is flawed.

    Nowadays accuracy counts and a caucus is a backwoods way of doing things. We have all the technology in the world at our finger tips, why not use it. Plus, I guarantee they are losing a ton of people who don't like the format, don't have the time and prefer to stay home. Let's get into the 21st century.

  • Yes things should be more equal

    As of today how the Iowa caucus are set up for both major political parties here in the United States of America it gives Iowa way too much power how who the next president of the United States of America could be. Power should also be given to other states as well.

  • Yes, it should be.

    The reason the Iowa caucus should be abolished is because the results it gives never turn out to be accurate or give a real idea on who the party's candidate would be. Rick Santorum won that caucus, and we all knew he had no chance to win the US presidency or even the GOP nomination.

  • It serves them well.

    There's no reason to abolish the Iowa caucus. Every state must hold a primary election, and the caucus is a good way of doing that. It isn't the job of Iowa to predict the nominees or winner of the presidential election. That's just something the press dreamed up to make them seem influential.

  • The Iowa caucus should not be abolished.

    The Iowa caucus is only one of several caucuses that take place throughout the United States. If the Iowa caucus is abolished, then it would be necessary to abolish all caucuses. Because of their different formats, both caucuses and primaries have the ability to paint a picture of the shape that elections from very different angles, which is beneficial to both voters and those running for office.

  • No It Shouldn't

    For whatever reason the Iowa caucus has always been important and it should not be abolished. From my understanding it is one of the firsts and it gives people an idea of where the election will be heading or what the first strong foothold is in that election. Without the Iowa caucus people would be less aware.

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