Should the issue of same-sex marriages be based on religion (yes) or civil rights (no)?

Asked by: JacobAnderson
  • It is all religous

    It should be because marriage is a religous ceremony. It was originally a religous ceremony practiced by the church, so if that religion doesn't think being gay and getting married is ok then it shouldn't be allowed. It's disrespecting the religion which is ignorant. Overall the issue of gay "marriage" is definitely based off of religion and has everything to do with religion and therefor should be respected.

  • Love is love

    Many choose to argue against gay marriage using religion or the definition of marriage as an excuse.
    Religions are supposed to respect everyone, to be kind and gentle and forgiving, yet this is just another example of how it divides certain groups of people. 'In the bible, it says nothing about gays'- well in the bible, it implies that slavery is okay.
    The definition of marriage to some is that it is a holy matrimony between a MAN and a WOMAN- however, marriage is really supposed to be symbolic of wanting to spend the rest of your life with a person you love. Love is not subjective to gender.

  • This is America

    I am not sure if you are aware, but this is America. This country was founded upon the notion that laws should not be determined by religion (separation of church in state). All people are equal when it comes to marriage. There is no reason for members of the LGBT community to be deprived of something as basic as getting married.

  • Religion is irrelevant to civil law.

    Marriage is a civil matter, and so are the benefits thereof. To deny people these benefits due solely to their sexuality is a matter of civil rights, and it is discrimination.
    Religion is unnecessary to marriage- the status is a civil one that requires no religious ceremony, no religious officiant, to be legal. In fact, a religious ceremony without the legal paperwork is not considered a marriage at all by the government.
    It's fine if churches decide they don't want to marry gay people- no one is making them anymore than anyone made Southern churches marry interracial couples (many still don't). Since gay marriage does not affect the church in any way, it's none of their business and the religious do not have the right to impress their personal beliefs on the populace at large.

  • Not everyone has the same religion...

    Let alone follows one at all. So it isn't even fair to enforce a religious doctrine on everyone, since it doesn't apply to everyone. It brings up the age-old belief of "whose religion is right", when that argument shouldn't even be taking place, whatever happened to separation of church and state? Religious beliefs are supposed to be a spiritual thing, not something you enforce on everyone else. Practice your spirituality at home/church, celebrate your holidays...Don't take away people's rights.
    Also reflect on what the Bible says about judging others.
    Consider the fact that homosexuality is only mentioned in the Old Testament.
    Consider the fact that tattooing, divorce, and even mixing fabric are also considered sins in the Old Testament.
    Reflect on WHY tattooing, divorce, or mixing fabric is more readily accepted in the Christian community than homosexuality.
    Learn a bit about homophobia. Educate yourself on lgbt issues, for example why lgbt youth are more at risk for harassment, suicide and even homelessness.
    After all of that, you might come to the conclusion that your religious texts might be irrelevant in today's era, religion doesn't have a place in politics, and that lgbt are people* who are deserving of rights.
    *this should not be groundbreaking news.

  • Civil rights of course

    YOUR religion has nothing to do with me. Using your religion to influence politics in this way is completely unfair and ludicrous. Same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue, and denying another person's civil rights because YOUR "God" apparently doesn't like it is one of the most assholish things you can do

  • What America is all about

    Same-sex marriage is a matter of civil rights, Not religion. Marriage is a civil liberty that the LGTB population of this country has been denied for decades until it was legalized in 2015 and they have fought for it the same amount of time. Mimi2000 is right, Marriage was around before Christianity, It's not an exclusively religious thing.

  • Same sex should be based as a civil matter rather than religious

    Church is separate to state, As so they say. A marriage liscense is not a religious document, Its a civil document. Hence the right to marry who ever is based on civil rights. The issue I have, Is when same sex people wants to force people against their belief to accept their choice. Not accepting once preferrance doesnt mean you hate them or anti. Everyone must be treated with humanity and understand you can agree to disagree without hate.

  • Marriage has nothing to do with religion

    ... Or I as an atheist shouldn't be allowed to get married either. But guess what, I am.
    And not every child of heterosexual couples is growing up with a father and mother. That's ridiculous. My parents got divorced when I was a child. I grew up without a father. I think it's more important to have parents that love each other than in a broken family.

  • Religion is stupid

    Religion is overall stupid its only there to discriminate to to make people believe in something out of this world. Maybe people should worship aliens. I dont mind if people are religious its when they try to enforce their religion upon others and take away there rights on this earth.

  • Are you kidding?

    Religion should have NOTHING to do with an issue as delicate as this. Religion is the source of all evil and has caused nothing but hatred and war throughout the world for hundreds of years. There is nothing wrong with same-sex couples or ANYONE of homosexual orientation. How dare you think your religion can have any purpose in providing other human beings of the same right we have.

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