Should the Jewish people be considered a race after a study done in 2012 revealed there is genetic evidence to support this theory?

  • Let them be a race

    I have thought of them as their own race ever since I can remember. They are a unique group of people where there religion also somewhat dictates their race. It is very difficult to follow the Jewish faith if you are not born into it. I also believe that we can all agree that there are normally physiological differences however small between Jewish people and other groups of people.

  • There's Genetic Evidence

    If there is genetic evidence to support the Jewish race then why wouldn't we continue to consider them their own separate race? Overall they have always identified themselves this way, so I don't see any reason to label them otherwise or even question the usefulness of it. This question seems pointless.

  • Yes they should

    If their was a study done that compared the Jewish DNA, and it showed that they were different genetically, then yes they should be considered a different race, and not just people following a certain religion. They are already seen as a different race, and discriminated against in a lot of places.

  • Judaism is a religion not a race.

    Most people who are Jewish come from a race called Hebrew. Hebrew is the race. Judaism is the religion. So, no Jewish is not a race Hebrew is. You can be Jewish without being a Hebrew. The same can be said for other religions. The majority of Christians are Westerns, but there are African, Asian, Indian, etc. also.

  • No I don't.

    I think if we started to consider the Jewish to be a different race that it could end up causing more problems for them. I think people who are racist by nature will start to hate on them (more if they do not already) and I think it will be a strange sudden change to how we understand things.

  • I do not think the Jews are a different race

    Judaism is a religion, not a racial identity, although they call themselves the Jewish race already. I believe Jews will do anything to move themselves apart from other people. If we start letting people use their religion as a racial identity, it would be too confusing, as most religions have people of all races.

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