Should the JJ Watt Foundation solicit for donations from the public?

  • Donate to the JJ Watt Foundation & give your children somewhere safe to go after school

    In my opinion, the JJ Foundation should solicit funds from the public. Many times parents have to work to support the family and this work is past when most schools release children to go home. These working parents worry about what their children are doing and are they safe. The JJ Watt Foundation Provides support for after school sporting activities so parents do not have to worry. Although the JJ Watt Foundation does not solicit public donations, I feel that the public should donate if for not other reason just because the foundation gives them piece of mind that their children are safe while they are at work.

  • Yes, the JJ Watt Foundation should solicit for donations from the public.

    It is imperative that young people get back to a physical fitness style of life. The JJ Watt Foundation creates a sense of awareness for good physical conditioning in children. With the large amount of technology that has children not running, walking, riding bikes, and playing sports, the JJ Watt Foundation is creating awareness and providing a way for kids to seek physical fitness. By asking for public donations, the public becomes more aware to the cause, and it "kills 2 birds with 1 stone."

  • Yes, the JJ Watt Foundation should solicit donations from the public.

    The JJ Watt Foundation promotes and coordinates various charitable causes within multiple communities. These initiatives usually fall under categories that the general public finds positive and uplifting. Many of those same people would actively donate or help fund-raise if they are made aware of these initiatives. Therefore, soliciting the public would raise the foundation's awareness, increase donations at a faster pace, and allow it to serve its target audience more quickly.

  • JJ Watt should not be soliciting public donations.

    I feel the JJ Watt Foundation needs to continue to only count on donations that are given as opposed to solicited. There are many companies and philanthropists alike that donate each year. Opening the foundation up to solicit public donations is wrong in my opinion. A foundation is based on contributions that are made, not solicited.

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