• The report of the Justice Department is extremely critical of Fergison's police and court systems

    Yes, the Justice Department has grounds for a civil rights investigation into the shooting of an unarmed black youth by a white police officer in 2014. The case will continue to be examined in depth.
    Citizens of Ferguson demand their rights be protected, and they want to be safe. The streets have been filled with protesters demanding change. The system has remained lax for years, in particular, with deficiencies in police reform outlined. There is a debate about excessive use of force by police. Eventually, the justice department and the city will have to come to an agreement about how much power the police may enforce. It is a lengthy and expensive process.

  • Yes, black residents are tax payers as well.

    An underpaid police force can and will lead to corruption when possible payoffs outweigh personnel financial security or if private security firms outbid for the best. Obviously civil pride and community responsibility are prerequisites for those taking the oath, but that should not relieve the local community leaders to provide a wage and retirement that should must compete with outside security firms. As for Federal involvement, their role is to insure protection and security are applied to the populace as a whole without the prejudice of wealth or income.

  • Violations Were Being Made

    Clearly violations were being made in the recent City of Ferguson's actions, and the Department of Justice found reasonable cause to file a lawsuit. The recent 56 page lawsuit lists violations made against black or African Americans, proving these violations against the law. It is good to have our forms of Government overseeing each others actions and following through making sure everyone is treated fair and equally.

  • Sued for what?

    To me, it sounds like they are just trying to fix the crime problem in Ferguson. From the way it sounds, Ferguson has a crime problem. Thing is, people don't like to pay for crimes so they claim to be law abiding citizens who are just being harassed by the police.
    I looked at some of the 12 key highlights and had to laugh because of some of the racial claims. For instance, individuals who happen to be black, stating that they were treated unfairly because of it. Thing is, I am white and have had similar experiences with white police. To me, it sounds like standard police procedure no matter what race the person is. Thing is, to my experience, aggressive police tactics work. The towns that had police like that had less crime than the towns I lived in where the police were less involved in the community.

  • Litigation not the answer

    A civil rights lawsuit in response to the City council's decision does not seem like a productive way forward. The whole situation is very sensitive but further litigation can only serve to muddy the waters and will do nothing to gain public and community support. Further dialogues would seem to be the smart way forward.

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