Should the justice system focus on rehabilitation rather than retribution?

  • It must do so

    Keeping people in jail for years and years is just millions of dollars out of the door.
    I feel the justice system should do justice by helping these criminals be useful in our society and regret what they have done.
    These people with the correct methods can be useful to society some may be harder than others.
    But I feel it can be done.

  • Yes it should

    Being human is about learning, we all make mistakes some are just much bigger than others. Many criminals are criminals because they never got the chance to develop empathy, perhaps our jails can help to develop that.

    A lot have have other problems and issues which have caused them to turn to crime, if we can help reduce the chance of future crime, we should.

  • Second chances lifts the human spirit

    Everybody makes mistakes and has human weaknesses. By receiving support, guidance and encouragement, many turn around their lives and pay it forward. Reformed criminals contribute positively to society in more ways than punitive capital punishment would on a person sentence to die. Death penalty only adds more pain and sorrow by inflicting punishment on innocent loved ones of the person sentenced to die.

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