• Yes he should be

    As what TV and newspaper print about case that it was heinous crime done, some newspaper printed the byte of nirbhaya's father that he was one among six who was most brutal, he was the who eviscerated the intestine, he was the one who convinced them to enter the bus and the counselor of his reported that he didn't had any psychological disorder he did this horrendous crime to exercise masculinity..

  • What has changed?

    He is convicted of the crime. All the forensics identify him as the least human and that his assault with weapons is the cause of the horrible harm she suffered, and her death. He is a rapist, and a murderer. And his therapist states that he neither acknowledges his actions nor expresses any remorse. Juveniles are protected from liabilities resulting from them being reckless. We should not confuse this with that. What this person did is not human. There is no explanation or excuse for it, for any adult or any kid. Where there is no guilt and no acknowledgement, there is no basis to introduce this monster back into the world. If we can't imprison him for life, he should not be allowed a life in the real world ever again. Sometimes you have to CUT the cancer out.

  • Yes he should.

    The juvenile in the infamous Delhi Rape Case should be hanged. Regardless if he is a juvenile or not, he knew exactly what he was doing and should be treated just like an adult. Someone who does something as bad as that will more then likely do the same in the future.

  • Yes, he knew what he was doing.

    Yes, the juvenile in the infamous Delhi Rape case should be hanged, because he is responsible for the rape and eventual death of another person. The person knew what he was doing. He did not care about the young woman that he hurt and killed. He is old enough to be held responsible for his actions and send a message to others who are thinking of committing the same terrible acts.

  • Yes under their laws

    Yes based on the laws of the country of India the juvenile should be hung. In America there would likely be a different way of handling the situation but we also have to respect the laws set up in other countries. If the child is held to the proper standards in India they would be subject to hanging.

  • He should hang.

    Im not concerned about his age - at any age and regardless of the culture or country, men and young men should know to protect women, never to abuse them and never to rape or sexually assault them. The sentence a rape victim gets is life, a harsher penalty should be meted out - for anything else, to restore some semblance of justice to a horrendously unjust situation.

    He should swing.

  • No they shouldnt

    Althought it is very wrong to rape someone it would be against the law and constitution to hang someone as it is considered cruel and unusual punishment therefore it is justified as wrong to hang someone within the county laws and statutes and if someone does this than it would be just wrong!

  • He is Under 18

    Well, as we say no one has the right to take away life, not even the State. May be he did commit a juvenile crime, and so he should be punished...And he should suffer what the victim had undergone.
    Hanging him will do no good to the world, he will be freed instead.

    Hence, the juvenile accused should not be hanged.

  • Cut his penis offf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We should cut his penis off and force him to eat it and sentence him to life in a prison where he is fucked in the ass in the most painful way everday for the rest of this life. Then when he is old set him on fire. Also make sure he doesn't commit suicide

  • Delhi Rape Case juvenile should not be hanged

    I do not think we should hang someone for raping someone. It was a horrible and despicable act and he should be punished severely. I think he should be sentenced to a maximum prison to serve out his life behind bars with no chance of getting out. Nobody has the right to determine ones life.

  • The juvenile in the infamous Delhi Rape Case should not be hanged.

    The juvenile in the infamous Delhi Rape Case should not be hanged. He should be punished for his actions but he should not be hanged. I do not care what age that you are, hanging someone is just wrong. They should think of another punishment for the kid and not hang him.

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