• The KXL Pipeline would make more Jobs

    The KXL Pipeline would make a lot of jobs so more unemployed people could get a job. Also, it would pay the workers more because it would be 3 years before it was approved. It would also have little environmental impact and it would not be at a high risk of spilling.

  • Friend or Foe?

    The nation of the United States itself is spending $200,000 a MINUTE to supply the entire country with FOREIGN oil. $200,000 a minute adds up quickly. Not only that, but at least $40 million has gone to the assembly of the Caliphate of ISIS in the past year alone. Canada is our friend, and we're helping the enemy. Which one? Permanent jobs will be created, with revenue to the US.

  • Brings More Jobs, More Oil to America

    The oil from Canada's oil sands will be shipped one way or another. At this point, TransCanada is using railroads to move the oil away from the site to be taken to refineries. If the Keystone XL pipeline is built, the oil goes from Canada to refineries in Texas and Louisiana. The extra oil means more American jobs at those refineries, more oil in the supply line and less reliance on the Middle East for gasoline. The pipeline will be built over two years, so most of the jobs created involve construction. A recent report saying the oil in the pipeline will cause "minimal" environmental impact will hopefully lead Secretary of State John Kerry to approve the project. Yes, environmentalists will protest. But oil and gasoline is part of our contemporary society. Safe transport of this oil is one reason why the pipeline is being built in the first place.

  • Building the pipline would bring jobs in the are

    Yes, I believe that the pipeline should be built. With the economy the way it is and the scarce jobs available, I thing that building this pipe line will give a large amount of people work and it would also build the economy in the process. It would executed with private funds and supply energy, it is an all around good idea.

  • Given the circumstances

    Ideally we'd be in a world that wasn't so reliant on this type of fuel so this wouldn't be a talking point. But, since we are and are unlikely to transition away from it soon, yes, this should be built. There's been enough studies regarding it to heavily suggest it poses no dangers beyond those than anything of its ilk would.

  • The Keystone XL pipeline should be built.

    The Keystone XL pipeline should be built. We should be producing another way to produce our own oil in the United States. Instead of continuing to fight to protect our oil supply in the middle east there is plenty known oil supplies in the US. It would hopefully lower the price of the oil.

  • We Would die

    If they construct it, how will they clean it if they couldn't even clean the last one until NOW? They are so stupid. If they don't clean up this one, they will be the first ones to die from that oil.They really need their brains. How did they even get the job to build things?

  • It destroys are land.

    Even now the smaller pipeline leaks and ruins farmer lands and makes water poisonous. Havnt you see people who can turn on the faucet and set fire to the water. Imagine what that could do if you drank it. Also the area the pipeline want to go through is where some of the biggest producers in meet and corn come from. The pipeline doesn't allow animals to drink the water making them sick and dying. SO now we arnt only going to be thirsty but also hungry all for the sake of oil! Seems a little dumb to me.

  • Not It Should Not

    I do not believe the Keystone XL pipeline should be built. I believe we are trying to milk the oil out of the Earth just to satisfy our sad existences. We don't need the oil that badly, we need to spend the money trying to develop alternates, not digging up more oil to burn.

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