Should the King James Version of the Bible be accepted as a literal revelation to man by God?

Asked by: sabineparish
  • God's book is the truth!

    Every word of God is pure and perfect and the King James Version Bible is the closest literal translation to the actual Bible. It is completely inspired by God alone. Only non-believers in the living, Holy Word of God would suggest that it should not be accepted as a literal revelation to man. That is a COMPLETE LIE FROM SATAN. Does no one understand that there is a devil and he wants you to go to hell???? Where else would this idea come from then from Satan himself? Of course he doesn't want you to believe that the Bible is true, because he wants your soul in hell! And will you let him have it by believing his lies??? I certainly hope not, eternity is at stake if you do. The bible even tells us about being deceived by the devil: "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved." (2 Thessalonians 2:10) Will you LET the devil deceive you by telling you lies about the Holy Bible? Remember, your SOUL is at stake!!!! Don't believe the lies of Satan, trust the Word of God and you will find life everlasting!!!

  • I would hope not,

    Otherwise I would need to prostitute my wife, kill my neighbors and take their belongings to which I am ordered to do and not to do in the same books.
    Also my idea of creation would be divided by whether man named animals or god did? Whether woman was made the same day as man or after.
    Also there are too many conflicting ideas of what god wants so that whatever we do, we are wrong.

  • Not the King James Bible

    There are other more accurate versions of the bible. I read the american standard macarther study bible myself. But the most accurate you can get is to learn Hebrew and Greek, and then read copies of the original versions. An example is that in the ten commandments, they don't have the word for hebrew word for kill in the 6th commandment. The word is really murder, and that kinda lead some people in the wrong direction. So as long as the versions of the Bible are mostly all acceptable, i hold them to be true. Nothing can be added or taken away. But as in taking something literally, No it is not the best literal translation.

  • Absolutely not !

    NO translation of the Bible should be accepted as a literal revelation to man by God! It is a compilation of traditional Hebrew myth, history, chronicle, poetry, law, philosophy, and prophecy. It should not be treated as anything more than the work of mostly-fictional literature that it is. And it's riddled with such self-contradiction that it could never be the revelation of a perfect God...

  • Bible is a fairytale book

    Bible is a stupid book made to brainwash and oppress the people. It was forced on people by their conquerors to stop them from resisting their slavery. Religion is your shackles.
    The more you question religion and investigate, the more illegitimate it is
    the more you question and investigate science, the better it is.

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